Neo Psichedelia Beat Generation

Catalogue LP-CD-7″- Magazine and other


UBANCI STOMP “I Ain’t Gonna Be Your” 7″ BRAIN DRAIN 1999 Euro 5
US Punk  
UBANGI 4 “Red Hot Rod” 7” TEEN SCREAM 1992 Euro 15
Garage R’n’R from Holland 
UBANGIS “Helter Skelter” 7” GET HIP 1995 Euro 5 
US Garage Surf
UBANGIS “I Want Your Blood…” 7” PURE VINYL 1997 Euro 5
US Garage Surf 
UBERHAUPT “Cowboy” 7” AUTOPRODOTTO 1982 Euro 25 
Strano disco dell’attitudine Punk from Germany  
UFO DIKTATORZ “Ufo Holocaust” 7” HATE 1999 Euro 5
Punk dall’Italia 
UGH! “Metaustrat” CD ELEKTROHASCH 2003 Euro 15
Stoner Psych from Germany
UGLY DUCKLINGS “The Pain Is All Right” 7″ RAZOR 1979 Euro 15  KBD Canada Power Pop/Garage Rock 
ULLULATARS “Flaming Khaos” LP DEMI MONDE 1989 Euro 18 
UK Psych   
ULRICH KLATTE “Cosmic Price Guide” MAUS OF MUSIC Euro 25 
Book 1^ Edizione.Tutto sul Krautrock  
ULTIMATE SPINACH “Behold & See” MGM 1968 Euro 60
US ’60 Psych Original Ex-/M busta interna non originale  
Reissue Of 1969 US Psychedelic LP
ULTIMATE SPINACH “Same” MGM 1968 Euro 75
US ’60 Psych Original pressing Ex/M- 
ULTRA 5 “Reincarnation” LP WHO STOLE THE SUMMER ? 1991 Euro 25 
US Garage Punk M/M-   
ULTRA 5 “Denizens Of Dementia” CD GREEN COOKIE Euro 17
US garage:1°+ 2° LP + bonus
ULTRA BIMBOOS “Four Fans Can’t Be Wrong” LP THUNDERWOMAN 2000 Euro 20
Garage from Finlandia
ULTRA BIMBOOS “Jukka Perkele!” 7″ BAD AFRO 2001 Euro 5
Garage from Finlandia
Punk Garage from Finlandia
ULTRA TWIST “No Beer No Fun” 7″ BUBCA Euro 5 
Garage Punk from Italy 
Garage Punk from Italy
ULTRA VIOLET EYE “Parrot Polynesia” 7″ DEMOLITION 1991    Euro 5   San Francisco Psychedelic Garage Punk  
ULTRAVIOLETS “Chancing Times” LP MUSIC MANIAC 1990      Euro 18  US Garage 
ULTRACUERPOS “The Awesome Amazing Sound Of…” LP EL BEASTO Euro 20 
Punk Garage from Spagna
ULTRAVIOLETS “Changing Times” LP MUSIC MANIACS 1990 Euro 15
US Garage psych  
UN “Trans-Missions” 7″ SILTBREEZE 1996 Euro 7
Avant-Rock Psych band from US 
UNDEAD “First,Worst and Cursed” LP DIONYSUS Euro 15 
US ’77 Punk
UNDEAD “There’s A Riot In Tompkins Square” 7″  OVERGROUND 1993 Euro  8 
US Punk  
UNDERTAKERS “The Greatest Stories Ever Told” LP MIDNIGHT 1985 Euro 18 
Garage-Power Pop from Sweden  
UNDERTONES “When Saturday Comes” 7″ ARDECK 1981 Euro 10 Northern Ireland Power Pop Ex/M-
UNDERWEAR 5 “You Get On My Nerves” 7″ DIONYSUS 1995 Euro 5
US Punk Garage 
UNFOLDING “How To Blow Your Mind And Have A Freak-Out Party” LP WAH WAH Euro 25                                                        (Reissue of rare US Psychedelic album)
UNHEARD OF “Tales Of The Vox Elder” LP NDE Euro 16
US Garage Punk
UNINVITED “I Turned…” 7″ FOR MONSTERS 1994 Euro 5
Garage punk from Sardinia,Italy
UNINVITED “Surfin and Trashin” LP FOR MONSTERS Euro 15 
Garage punk from Italy
UNINVITED “Nuragic Surfari“ LP FOR MONSTERS Euro 15 
Surf Garage
UNION 69 “Come Smell The Magic” 7” BAD AFRO 1999 Euro 5 
Punk dalla Svezia 
Punk from Scandinavia
’60 Beat-Pop Original Pressing VG/EX+ 
UNITED SPACE LEAGUE “You Told Me A Lie” 7″ SOUND CAMERA 2010 Euro 10 
US Folk rock Garage
UNITED STATES “Bad Side” 7″ ROCKVILLE 1993 Euro 3 
US Cover stropicciata nella parte superiore   
Punk Garage from France
UNKNOWN SOLDIERS “I Quit Today” 7″ FUNHOUSE 1987 Euro 13 
US Garage Rock
UNREST “Deaf” 7″ SUB POP 1991 Euro 20 
US Grunge   
UNTAMED “Strange Unknown” LP HEPTOWN Euro 18 
Garage Surf from Copenhagen 
UNTAMED YOUTH “Some Kinda Fun” LP NORTON 1989 Euro 35 
US Garage Surf  Rare first Pressing with different label
UNTAMED YOUTH “Russian Roulette” 7″ ROCK & ROLL INC. 1996 Euro 5
US Garage Surf  
UNTAMED YOUTH “Since You Went Away” 7″ DOUBLE CROW 1998 Euro 7 
US Garage Surf
UNTAMED YOUTH “Special European Tour 45 1996″ 7” LEMON SPECIAL Euro 7 
US Garage Surf
UNTAMED YOUTH “Doin’ Me In” 7’ TEEN-RAGE ? Euro 10
US Garage 
UNTAMED YOUTH “Youth Runs Wild” LP NORTON 1998 Euro 20 
US Garage Surf  
UPBEATS “Forget About You” 7″ SUN VALLEY 1986 Euro 5          US  Power Pop, Mod, Garage Rock
UPPER FIFTH “Lyin’ To You” 7″ DETOUR 1998 Euro 7
UK Garage Mod
UPPER JAW MASK “Whiskers…” 7” CESSOFONYA 1982 Euro 150
Kbd Punk Italy 
UPSIDE “Tristi Orizzonti” LP TVOR 1990 Euro 20 
Punk/HC from Italy
UPSKIRTS “Radiation Romeos” 7″ ROCKNROLL BLITZKRIEG 1999 Euro 5
Raunchy Punk’n’Roll from Sweden
URGE OVERKILL “Now That’s The Barclords” 7″ SUB POP 1991 Euro 16
US Grunge CV  
URINALS “Negative Capability…Check It Out!” CD WARNING 2004 Euro 15
US ’77 Punk Discography+Live 
US and THEM “By The Time It Gets Dark” 7″ FRUITS DE MER Euro 10
Acid Folk from Sweden 
US and THEM “Summerisle” 7″ FRUITS DE MER Euro 35
Acid Folk from Sweden 
US BOMBS “Art Kills” 7″ TKO 2003 Euro 5
US Punk
US BOMBS “Never MindThe Opened Minds” LP ALIVE 1997 Euro 20
US Punk
USE “And Then?” 7″ SHAKIN STREET 1990 Euro 5
UK Garage Rock
USE OF ASHES “Albion Moonlight” 10″ TONEFLOAT 1998 Euro 15
Folk Psych from Holland
USE OF ASHES “Moongarden” 7″ TONE FLOAT 1997 Euro 10
Psych from Netherlands  
USE OF ASHES “The Mousehill Daydream” LP TONEFLOAT 2005 Euro 50
Experimental Psych LTD/100
USE OF ASHES “Untitled” 10″ TONEFLOAT 2008 Euro 20 
Experimental Psych
USE OF ASHES “White Nights: The Hand Of Tzafkiël” LP TONEFLOAT 2008 Euro 25 
Experimental Psych
USE TO ABUSE “Desperado 1999” 7” COLD SWEAT Euro 5 
German Punk Rock band from Regensburg
USUALS “Escape” 7″  MANGROVE 2001 Euro 5                            Punk from Japan
UTON “Alitaju Ylimina” LP DEKORDER Euro 18
Psychedelic Experimental from Finlandia
UV TRANSMISSION “Pass Her By” 7″ SHAG 1997 Euro 5
US Punk   
UXB “Crazy Today” 7″ LAST YEAR’S YOUTH Euro 10 
UK ’77 Punk Power Pop 
UZEDA “Waters” LP A.V.ARTS 1993 Euro 25
Psych-Alternative from Italy
V. A. “14 Missed Beats” LP VENDETTA Euro 15
Compilation: Green Hornets, Mild Mannered Janitors, etc.
V. A. “XVII Festival Di Sanremo” LP RIFI 1967 Euro 25
Beat compilation: Mat 65,I Giganti,Classics,etc. M/M
V. A. “18 Thoughts Of British Trash” LP VINYL JAPAN Euro 25 UK Garage compilation: Headcoats, Delmonas, Milkshakes,etc. 
V. A. “20 Great Hits Of The ’60” LP CASCADE 1984 Euro 16
UK Garage Punk compilation: Music Machine, Naz Nomad And The Nightmares, etc. 
V. A.  “99 th Floor” 8″ Flexi 99 th FLOOR 1985 Euro 15
Compilation:Tell-Tale Hearts,etc.No ‘zine  
V. A. “1989-1993 – The John Peel Sub-Pop Sessions” CD SUB POP 1994 Euro 15  –  US Grounge compilation: Tad,Pond,etc.
V. A. “Abus 3″ 7” ABUS DANGEREUX 1990 Euro 6
Compilation: Les Cartoons, etc.  
V.A. “Acid Visions” BOX 3 CD Vol.3 COLLECTABLES 1993 Euro 21
Compilation: ’60 US Garage Punk Psych M-/M/M/M  
V. A. “Adventure” N° 6  7″ GUIDING LIGHTS 1991 Euro 5
Compilation: Scena Danese anni ’80-’90

V. A. “ADVENTURE” N° 9  7″ GUIDING LIGHTS 1992 Euro 5        Split: Wedding Present, Read Only Memory

V.A. “A Journey To Tyme Vol.1” LP PHANTOM 1982 Euro 40
’60 compilation:  Psychedelic band LTD/500 Numbered   

V. A. “All Kindsa Girls” Vol.1 2×7″ MUNSTER Euro 15
Punk compilation: Bazooka,Pork, etc.M/M-/Vg

V. A. “All Kindsa Girls” 2×7″ MUNSTER 1993 Euro 10
Punk compilation:Lemonbabies, Cub, etc.  M/P/M-

V. A. “All Kindsa Girls” Vol 4 2×7″ MUNSTERS 1996 Euro 10
Compilation: Sit & Spin, Pebbles, Lolita etc.  

V. A. “A Midnight Christmas Mess” LP MIDNIGHT 1984 Euro 15
Garage compilation : Plan 9,Yard Trauma,Tryfles, etc. 

V. A. “An Invitation To Suicide” 2×7″ GET HIP 1993 Euro 10            US Punk compilation: Gories, Nomads,etc. 
V. A. “An Oasis In A Desert Of Noise” LP GREASY POP 1985 Euro 25  –  Garage compilation: Collection, Primevils, Exploding White Mice,etc.
V. A. “Ansia De Color”  7” A.D.C. 1990 Euro 10
Garage compilation: Los Imposibles, Los negative, etc  
V. A. “A Splash Of Colour” LP WEA 1981 Euro 30
Garage compilation: High Tide, Barracudas, Mood Six, etc.  
V. A. “A Tribute To Arthur Alexander” LP LARSEN Euro 25 Garage compilation: Waistcoats, Lolitas,Kek 66,Neatbeats, etc.
V. A. “A Tribute To Nino Ferrer ” LP LARSEN Euro 25
Garage compilation: Dee Rangers, Curlee Wurlee, etc.
V. A. “A Tribute To The Rising Storm” 2×7” STANTON PARK 1993 Euro 15 Garage compilation: Head And The Hares, Rising Storm, etc. 
V. A. “Back From The Grave” LP CRYPT Vol.1→ Vol.8 Euro 160
Compilation: US ’60 Garage Punk  
V. A. “Badger Beat…” LP MISTY LANE Euro 13
Compilation: Wisconsin ‘60 Punk 
V. A. “Bam ” N° 1-2″ 2CD BADMAN Euro 6
Punk Compilation  
V. A. “Basement Walls” Vol.2 LP ANTAR 1985 Euro 30
Compilation: ’60 US Garage Punk 
V. A. “Bad Indians – A Tribute To The Gun Club” 7″ PRIVATE 2001 Euro 5                                                                                                  Punk compilation: Killer Klown, Shot Down,etc.
V. A. “Battle Of The Bands” 7″ SUPER 8  1998 Euro 5 Punk compilation: Angora, Knock-Ups, etc.
V. A. “Beach Blvd” LP GET BACK 2004 Euro 15
’77 US Punk compilation: Crowd, Simpletones, Rik L Rik, etc.  
V. A. “Belgian Garagemania” LP BOOM 1988 Euro 13 
Garage compilation: Spanks, etc…
V. A. “Between Evil And Peace Tour 2005″ 10” NASONI Euro 16
Psychedelic compilation: Drive By Shooting, Rotor, Stonedudes 
V. A. “Beyond The Calico Wall” LP VOXX 1990 Euro 15
’60 US Psychedelic compilation
V. A. “Big Beat Beach Party” LP BIG BEAT 1985 Euro 25 
UK Garage compilation : Prisoners, Delmonas, Mighty Caesars,etc. Ex-/M-
V. A. “Big Hits of Mid-America Vol.3” LP TWIN TONE 197? Euro 20
US Garage ’77 Punk, Power Pop compilation : Hypstrz, Commandos,Yipes, etc.  
V. A. “Big Lizard Stomp” VOL.1 LP PLANET X 1990 Euro 26
’60 Psychedelic Japan compilation  
V. A. “Blood Orgy Of The Leather Girls” LP PLANET PIMP 1994 Euro 20 
Garage compilation: Mummies,Trashwomen, etc. 
V. A. “Bloodstain Across Belgium Vol.1-3” 3 x LP ATOMIUM  Euro 60  –  ’77 Punk compilation: 77 Kbd Punk from Belgium
V. A. “Bloodstains Across Denmark” LP BLOODSTAINS ’97 Euro 20
’77 Punk compilation: obscure 1978-’82 Danish punk & hardcore 
V.A. “Bloodstains Across Norway” LP BLOODSTAINS 1997 Euro 20
’77 compilation: obscure 1978-’82 punk from Norway 
V. A. “Bloodstains Across Spain” LP  BLOODSTAINS 1997 Euro 20
’77 Punk compilation: obscure 1978-’80 Punk from Spain 
V. A. “Bloodstains Across Sweden” LP KKK 1997 Euro 20
’77 Punk compilation: obscure 1978-’80 Punk from Sweden 
V. A. “Bloodstain Across The UK 2” CD BSCH Euro 13
UK Punk compilation: ’77 Kbd Punk from UK
V. A. “Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia” LP  BLOODSTAINS 1997 Euro 20  –  ’77 Punk compilation: obscure 1978-’81 Punk from Yugoslavia
V. A. “Boots /C.C*/Snake & Remus” 3xLP HP CYCLE 2006 Euro 70 US compilation: Psych-Experimental band
V. A. “Bored Teenagers” CD BIN LINER 1999 Euro 13 
UK Punk compilation: ’77 Kbd Punk from UK
V. A. “Bored Teenagers” Vol.2 CD BIN LINER Euro 13 
UK Punk compilation: ’77 Kbd Punk from UK
V. A. “Brightese Stars of Christmas” LP RCA 1974 Euro 10            US compilation: E.Presley, D.Davis, etc.  
V. A. “Bring Flowers To The World” LP MISTY LANE 2001 Euro 13
Compilation: World ‘60 beat 
V. A. “Bring Flowers To U.S.” LP MISTY LANE Euro 2001 13
Compilation: US ‘60 beat 
V. A. “California Ain’t Fun No More” LP ALIEN SNATCH Euro 13    US compilation: Bobbyteens, Flakes, Pinkz, etc.
V. A. “Call Of The Wild” 7″ Flexi CALL OF THE WILD 1993 Euro 20 US Garage Punk compilation: Woggles, Man Or Astroman, etc. 
V. A. “Carbon 14 EP Internacionale” 7″ CARBON 14 1998 Euro 5 US Garage Punk compilation: Turbonegro, Splash Four, etc. 
V. A. “Cicadelic 60’s – 1966 Revisited – Vol. 5” LP CICADELIC 1987 Euro 30
Compilation: ’60 Garage Punk 
V. A. “Cicadelic 60’s Vol. 3: Don’t Put Me On” LP CICADELIC 1987 Euro 30
Compilation: ’60 Garage Punk 
V. A. “Cicadelic Sixties Vol. 2 Out Of Order” LP CICADELIC 1987 Euro 30
Compilation: US ’60 Garage Punk  
V. A. “Children Of Black Widow” CD BLACK WIDOW Euro 5        Psych Prog compilation :Cian Castello, Standarte, ST37, etc.
V. A. “Chocolate Soup for Diabetics” Vol.4 LP RELICS Euro 18 
’60 UK Psychedelic compilation: Psych and Freakbeat band  
V. A. “Circus Days” Vol.3 LP STRANGE THINGS 1991 Euro 15
’60 UK Psych compilation
V. A. “Coctail Companion” Box 3×7″ ESTRUS 1994 Euro 40
Punk Garage compilation: Girl Trouble,Teengenerate, Jack O’ Fire,etc.
V. A. “Come Fly With US…” LP PSYCHODELIC 2004 Euro 25
’60 US Psychedelic compilation
V. A. “Copenhagen Space Rock Festival” CD BURNT HIPPIE Euro 17 Psychedelic compilation: Dark Sun, Spacious Mind, Darxta, etc.
V. A. “Cosmic Kraut Explosion” CD EARLY BIRDS 2003 Euro 13 Psychedelic compilation: Fantasy Factory, Stone Cold Fever, Elephants Talk,etc. 
V. A. “Cover” LP URGENT LABEL 1986 Euro 23
Italy New Wave compilation: Kriminal Tango, Reverse, etc.
V. A. “Cruisin’ 1966 ” LP INCREASE 1984 Euro 18
US ’60 Compilation: Count Five, Surfaris, Sam The Sham, etc.  
V. A. “Cruz” 7″ Flexi CRUZ RECORDS 1991 Euro 3
Punk compilation: Skin Yard, Chemical People, etc.  
V. A. “CWF Presents: A Rock And Roll Tag Team Spectacular!!” 7″ CARBON 14 1995 Euro 6                                                                      US Garage Punk compilation: Nomads, Mono Men, etc.
V.A. “Dangerhouse Collection” LP DANGERHOUSE 1981 Euro 25
US Punk compilation: Bags,X,Deadbeats,etc.Original Pressing  
V.A. “Dangerhouse Vol.1” CD FRONTIER Euro 13
’77 Punk Compilation: X, Avengers, etc. 

V.A. “Dangerhouse Vol.1″LP FRONTIER  Euro 15
’77 Punk Compilation: X, Avengers,etc. 

V.A. “Dangerhouse Vol.2” LP FRONTIER  Euro 15
’77 Punk Compilation: Alleycats, Weirdos, Bags, etc.

V.A. “Dangerhouse Vol.2” CD FRONTIER  Euro 13
’77 Punk Compilation: Alleycats, Weirdos, Bags, etc.
V.A. “Dedicated To Keeping The Garage Doors Open” 7″ GIFT OF LIFE 1990 Euro 15
Garage compilation: Mono Men, Roofdogs, etc. 

V.A. “Destination: BOMP!” DCD BOMP 1994 Euro 15
Punk Garage compilation: D.M.Z, Zeros, Weirdos,  Pandoras,Gravedigger V,etc.  

V.A. “Diggin’ Out” LP Mr. MANICOTTI 198? Euro 20
’60 US Garage compilation: Avengers VI, Illusion, Phantoms,etc.   
V. A. “Do It Yourself” 7″ GOODWILL 1995 Euro 5                          Punk compilation: I Fichissimi Eversor,etc.
V. A. “Domenica Musica – Triaton ’75” DLP RCA 1975 Euro 130 (Perigeo, Saro Liotta, venditti, De Gregori, Mario Schiano, etc. Promo M/M)
V. A. “Don’t Adjust Your Set…” LP CRYPTOVISION 1986 Euro 25
US Garage compilation: Mod Fun, Stepford Husbands, etc.
V. A. “Dope-Guns-‘N-Fucking In The Streets” Vol. 4 7″ AMPHETAMINE REPTILE 1990 Euro 8                                                  US Punk compilation:Might Caesars, Bosshog, etc. 
V.A. “Double Shot” LP WIPE OUT 1991 Euro 13
Garage compilation: Spanks, etc… 

V.A. “Dumb Artists Collective” 7″ DAC 1984 Euro 6
Punk compilation: Flipper,Cadillac Girl,etc. 

V.A. “Echoes In Time” Vol. 2 LP SOLAR 1983 Euro 50
’60 US Punk compilation
V. A. “Endless Journey Phase Two” LP PSYCHO 1983 Euro 30
’60 Psychedelic compilation  
V.A. “English Freak-Beat” Vol.1 LP AIP Euro 16
’60 UK Freakbeat compilation
V.A. “English Freak-Beat” Vol.2 LP AIP Euro 16
’60 UK Freakbeat compilation
V.A. “English freak-Beat” Vol.4 LP AIP Euro 16
Compilation: ’60 UK Freakbeat
V.A. “Enjoy The Greeks!” CD ON STAGE 2004 Euro 12
Garage compilation: Frantic V, Hydes,Unknown Passage,etc.
V.A. “Especial Hits 98 Jovenes…” CD ANIMAL 1998 Euro 12
Garage compilation: Out Four,Tuna Tacos, Los Imposibles, etc. 
V.A. “Estrus Gearbox” 3×7″ ESTRUS 1992 Euro 35
Garage compilation: Nomads,Cheater Slicks, M-80’s, etc. 
V. A. “…E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore” 3 x LP + Book BLACK WIDOW 1999 Euro 70
Compilation: Death SS, Sun Dial, Bevis Frond, Abiogenesi,etc.
V.A. “Eyes On You” LP CLOSER 1987 Euro 13
Garage compilation: Les Thugs, Fixed Up, Batmen, etc.  
V.A. “Farout Like I’m Still Orbiting” 7″ DEMOLITION DERBY 1994 Euro 5
Punk compilation: Fifi And The Mach III, Th’ Lunkheads, etc.   
V.A. “Feel Lucky Punk?!!” LP GONZO HATE BINGE 1991 Euro 15
Punk compilation: Rare kbd Punk-Rock ‘77-’78 
V.A. “Fellow Ship Of The Fat Ship” 7″ KEN ROCK Euro 6
Punk compilation: Nerds, Grabbies, Pricks, Idyls
V.A. “Final Audio Blast” DLP MR. SPACEMAN 1990 Euro 25
Garage compilation: Arctic Circles, Bo-Weevils, Puritans, etc. 
V.A. “First Italian Punk Contest” LP HATE Euro 13
Punk compilation: Bingo, Two Bo’s Maniacs, STP, etc. 
V.A. “Flashback” Vol.1 LP FLASHBACK Euro 25
’60 Psychedelic and Punk Texas compilation
V.A. “Flashback” Vol.2 LP FLASHBACK Euro 25
’60 Psychedelic and Punk Texas compilation
V. A. “Fort Worth Teen Scene” LP NORTON Vol.1,2,3 Euro 60
’60 US Garage compilation
V.A. “For Your Hair Party” 7″ ANSIA DE COLOR 1995 Euro 8
Garage Punk compilation: Fuzztones, Overcoat, etc. 
V.A. “Four Whom The Bell Tolls” 7″ WHAT WAVE 1988 Euro 8
Punk Garage compilation: Legend Killers, Mongrols, etc. 
V.A. “Fuckin Navidad” 7″ MUNSTER Euro 5
Punk compilation from Spagna
V.A. “Fuzztones Illegitimate Spawn” DCD SIN 2005 Euro 15 Garage Punk and Psychedelic compilation: Defectors, Vibravoid,Orange Sunshine, etc.
V.A. “Gabba Gabba Hey” DLP TRIPLE X 1991 Euro 20
Punk compilation: L7, Fleshearts,Bad Religion, White Flag, etc.  
V.A. “Garage Band Tribute To The Beatles” CD COLLECTADBLE Euro 10  
V.A. “Garage Band Tribute To The Rolling Stones” CD COLLECTADBLE Euro 10  
V. A. “Gathering Of The Tribe #3” LP GOTT 1984 Euro 25
’60 US Psychedelic compilation –  2° Pressing 
V.A. “Germs” 2 LP PRIVATE PRESSING 198? Euro 25
’60 US Girl groups  compilation 
V.A. “Get Dancin’ ” LP K-TEL 1983 Euro 10
US Soul compilation: A.Franklin, Furious Five, etc.  
V.A. “Gew Gaw’s Quadraphonic Snail” CD NOWHERE STREET MUSIC 2003 Euro 8
Garage compilation: Yesterday’s Thoughts, Baby Woodrose, etc. 
V.A. “Gew-Gaw’s Journey To Nowhere Street” CD NOWHERE STREET MUSIC 1999 Euro 8
Psychedelic compilation: Smell Of Incense, Purple Overdose,etc. 
V. A. “Girls In The Garage” LP ROMULAN 1987 Euro 30
’60 US Garage, Rhythm & Blues compilation
V.A. “Gotta Do The…” CD LOUDSPRECHER 1999 Euro 12
Psychedelic compilation: Mandragora, etc.  
V. A. “Grab This And Dance!!” LP SPECTRA SOUND 1996 Euro 20
’60 US Garage, Rhythm & Blues compilation
V.A. “Greetings From The Sunny Beach” LP CLOSER 1984 Euro 16 garage compilation: Eyes Of Mind, Nomads, Pandoras,etc. 

V.A. “Groin Thunder!” DLP DOG MEAT 1992 Euro 21
Garage compilation: Original Sins, Devil Dogs, Headcoats, Mummies.etc.

V.A. “Half Rock” Box 3×7″ ESTRUS 1991 Euro 40
Garage compilation: Mono Men, Mummies, Mudhoney, etc.
V.A. “Hanging Out At…Midnight” LP MIDNIGHT 1986 Euro 15
US Garage compilation : Fuzztones, Tryfles,etc.
V.A. ” Happening Hits” LP COLUMBIA Euro 13
’60 US Garage compilation: Five Americans, Seeds, Cyrkle, Love,etc.  
V. A. “Highs In The Mid Sixties” LP AIP Vol.1→ Vol.23 Euro 400
’60 US Garage Punk compilation  
V.A. “Hi Jack” LP MAGICAL JACK 1996 Euro 18
Psychedelic compilation: Smell of Incense, Dog Ace, etc. 
V.A. “Hipsville” Vol.3 LP KRAMDEN Euro 15
’60 US Garage Punk compilation
V.A. “History Of Surf Music Vol 3 1980-82” LP RHINO 1982 Euro 13 –  ’60 US Surf compilation
V. A. “Hook Up Bikini Girls” 7″ POPBALL 2001 Euro 10                Punk compilation: Manges, Surfin’ Lungs, etc.
V.A. “Hot Rod Girl Garage” 5″ THUNDERBABY Euro 10
Garage compilation: Lillettes, Battledykes, etc.
V.A. “Hotel Cleveland Volume III” 2×10″ SCAT 1992 Euro 23 Garage compilation: Styrenes, Mirrors, Rainy Day Saints, etc.
V.A. “Il Saluto Del Brigante” LP SOTTOSOPRA 1996 Euro 25
Italia Punk compilation
V.A. “In Your Face” 7″ SUBTERFUGE 1991 Euro 6
Punk compilation: Beck’s Pistols, etc.
V.A. “Indonesia Screaming Fuzz” LP NOSMOKE Euro 16
’60 Indonesia Garage, Beat, Serf compilation 
V. A. “Inner Mystique” #3  7″ INNER MYSTIQUE 1984 Euro 15 Compilation: Lipstick Killers, Rocket From The Tombs, etc.

V.A. “Instrumental Nuggets Vol.2” CD REPERTOIRE 1998 Euro 13 
’60 Surf compilation 

V.A. “Integrity Sampler” 7″ INTEGRITY 1991 Euro 5
Mod Power Pop compilation: Dentists, Burtons, Serenes 
V.A. “International Underground Music Vol.6” CD MOONHEAD 2004 Euro 10
Psychdelic compilation: Fantasyy Factoryy, Octupus Syng, etc.
V.A. “International Underground Music Vol.8” CD MOONHEAD 2005 Euro 10
Psychedelic compilation: Zone Six, Urdog, etc.
V.A. “Introducing Aether Records” 3xLP AETHER 1999 Euro 80
US Psychedelic band LTD/200
V.A. “It’s Midnight Xmess Part III” LP MIDNIGHT 1987 Euro 15
US Garage compilation: Brood, Dimentia 13, etc. 
V.A. “Jailbait” 7″ DEMOLITION DERBY 1994 Euro 5
Punk compilation: Boiz Nex’ Door, Outsideinside, etc.
V.A. “Jam 001” CD JAM Euro 10
Psychedelic compilation: Purple Overdose, Will-o-the Wisp, etc.
V.A. “Jam 002” CD JAM Euro 10
garage compilation: Psykicks, Green Onions, etc.
V.A. “Jargon Compilation – Bone In Rochester” LP JARGON 1987 Euro 18
US Garage compilation: Projectiles, Rumbles, etc. 
V.A. “Jook Block Busters” V. 1+2 LP VAL 1986 Euro  18
’50-’60 US R’n’B 
V.A. “Kaiser Addicts Orange Compilation” LP NOVA EXPRESS 1991 Euro 15  – Garage compilation: ex Vietnam Veterans, etc. 

V.A. “Killed By Death D’Italia” LP REDRUM 1997 Euro 15
Punk Italy Compilation: Satan ’81, Rancid X, Hitler SS, Tampax,etc.

V.A. “Killed By Death” Vol. 15½ LP Euro 15
’77 US Punk-Rock ‘78-’81 compilation 
V. A. “Killed n° 1″ 7” KILLED BY AN AXE 2005 Euro 5                  Punk compilation: John Deere Diamonds, Bad Fuckers,etc. 
V.A. “King Kong” 7″ KING KONG 1992 Euro 5
Punk compilation: Union Carbide Productions, G.O.L.D., etc.
V.A. “Klein Circus” 7″ CIRCUS 1990 Euro 5
Punk compilation: Kina, Eversor, Paul Chain, etc.
V.A. “Kleine Prijs Van Utrecht” 7″ KELT 1988 Euro 7 
Punk compilation: Spasticus, Psylo’s, etc.
V.A. “La Colección Del Sgto. Pimienta” LP AL-LELUIA 1996 Euro 16 Garage compilation: Doctor Explosion, Los Flechazos, Flashback Five, etc. 
V.A. “Leaving It All Behind” LP MISTY LANE 2000 Euro 20
Compilation: 18 U.S. Folk Punk 1965-’68 
V. A. “Let It All Hang Out! Volume One” LP ALOPECIA 1997       Euro 20 (Garage Punk Compilation: Wildebeests, Thee Headcoats, Waistcoats, etc.)

V.A. “Live At Alice In Wonderland” LP FLICKNIFE 1986 Euro 16 Psychedelic compilation: Voodoo Child, Webcore, etc.Ex-/M-

V. A. “Live At Emo’s” Vol. 2-#1 7″ NO LIE 1997 Euro 5                        US Punk compilation: Mono Men, Jack O’ Fire, etc.       

V.A. “Live Concert” LP GB REC. Euro 16
’70 compilation: Savoy Brown, May Blitz, Fotheringay
V.A. “Living In The Past” LP MISTY LANE Euro 15
’60 Garage Punk compilation
V. A. “Lonestar Showdown”  Vol.1 7″ LITTLE DEPUTY 1998        Euro 5 Punk compilation: Motards, Cryin’ Out Louds, etc.
V. A. “Lonestar Showdown”  Vol.2 7″ LITTLE DEPUTY 1998        Euro 5 Punk compilation: Paranoids, Phantom Creeps, etc.
V.A. “Lost At Sea” 7″ FUZZnSURF 2006 Euro 5 
Garage Surf compilation: Invisible Surfers, Supersonic, etc.
V.A. “Lost Illusions” Vol.2 LP B-SHARP 2005 Euro 15
Ultimate German Garage Punk compilation 1965-1967
V.A. “Lost In Tyme  Vol. 1-2-3” 3xCD LOST IN TYME Euro 15
Garage compilation: Ultra 5, Sound Explosion,Stems, Gruesomes, Sick Rose, etc.
V.A. “Lost In Tyme Vol.4” CD LOST IN TYME Euro 6
Garage compilation: Higher State, Los Peyotes, Os Haxixins, Brood, etc.

V.A. “Love And Napalm” 7″ TRANCE 1990 Euro 7
US Punk Psychedelic compilation: Lithium X-Mas, Pain Teens, etc.

V.A. “Love Is A Sad Song” LP MISTY LANE 1999 Euro 20
Compilation: 18 U.S. Punk 1965-’68 
V.A. “Love Killed My Brain” 7″ NASTY PRODUCT Euro 5
Punk compilation: Fatals, Gogoman &The Players, etc.
V.A. “Me And My 6…” 10″+7″ ROCKIN’ BONES Euro 15
Punk compilation: Sexton Ming, L.Beatman, etc.
V.A. “Medway Powerhouse Vol. 4” LP HANGMAN 1989 Euro 50 Garage Punk compilation: Milkshakes, Delmonas, Kravin A’s, etc.
V.A. “Medway Powerhouse Vol.1” LP HANGMAN 1989 Euro 50 Garage Punk compilation: Milkshakes, Delmonas, Prisoners, etc. 
V.A. “Meet The Werewolf ” 7″ SPINOUT 1996 Euro 6
Surf Punk compilation: Neanderthals, Panasonics, etc.  
V. A. “Meltdown On Media Burn” LP MEDIA BURN 1986 Euro 20 (Garage Compilation: X-Men, Milkshakes, Cannibals, etc.)
V.A. “Mexican R’n’R Rumble” LP SANTO 1987 Euro 18
’60 Garage Punk compilation from Messico  
V.A. “Mi Generación 90” LP AL-LELUIA 1995 Euro 14 
Garage Mod compilation: Doctor Explosion, Gravestones, Flashback Five, etc.  Ex+/M
V.A. “Mind Blowers” LP WHITE RABBIT 1983 Euro 45
US ’60 Garage and Psychedelic compilation
V.A. “Mod Meeting Vol. 3” LP Dr. NO Euro 14
UK ’60 modbeaters compilation
V.A. “Mods May Day ’79” DLP EARMARK 2003 Euro 25
Mod compilation: Secret Affair, Squire, Mods,etc.
V.A. “Mods Mayday ’99” DLP DETOUR 1999 Euro 23
Mod compilation: Circles, Purple Hearts, Squire, etc.
V.A. “Mondo Stereo” LP PULSEBEAT 1988 Euro 18
US Punk compilation: Mirrors, Mudhoney, Halo of Flies, etc.   
V.A. “Mo’ Plen” DLP IRMA LA DOUCE 1996  Euro 23 
’60 ’70 Italia Easy Listening compilation  
V.A. “Motor City Madness” LP GLITTERHOUSE 198? Euro 15
Punk Garage compilation: Broken Jug, Hypnotic, Miracle Workers, A-10, etc.  
V.A. “Munster Dance Favorites Vol.V” LP MUNSTER 1992 Euro 16 Punk Garage compilation: Flashback V, Los Brujos, etc.
V.A. “Murder Punk” Vol.1-2”  2CD Murder Euro 20
Australia Punk compilation 1977-’80  
V.A. “New Mexico Punk From The Sixties” LP EVA 1985 Euro 25
’60 Messico punk compilation

V.A. “Nobody Gets on the Guest-List” LP THROBBING LOBSTER 1984 Euro 25
Boston Garage compilation : Flies, Hopelessly Obscure, Prime Movers, etc. 

V.A. “Oh! No! Not Another… Midnight Christmas Mess Again!!” LP MIDNIGHT 1986 Euro 15
US Garage compilation: Vipers, Dimentia 13, etc.
V.A. “On The Rocks” 7″ ESTRUS 1991 Euro 10
Garage compilation: Monomen, Marble Orchard, etc. LTD/2000   
V.A. “Open Minds Roadrunners” CD OPEN MINDS 1999 Euro 13
Psychedelic compilation: Liquid Visions, Zone Six, Moosheart Faith Interstelar Groove Band, etc. 
V.A. “Out Of Focus Vol.2 A Psychedelic Fanzine Compilation” CD PSYCHEDELIC FANZINE 2001 Euro 10
Psychedelic compilation: Yob, Liquid Zoo, etc. (No ‘zine)
V. A. “Out Of The Darkness (A Tribute To New Math)” 7″ REANIMATOR 1999 Euro 4                                                                    US Punk compilation: Jackson Phibes, Mazinga, etc.
V.A. “Ox-Compilation # 53” CD OX 2003 Euro 10
Compilation: Troublemakers, Operation S, etc.  (No ‘zine)
V.A. “Peace Frog Conquer The World” CD NOWHERE STREET 2005 Euro 12  – Psychedelic compilation: Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, Fantasyy Factoryy, etc.
V.A. “Pebbles Vol.1-28”  28xLP BFD-AIP Euro 400
’60 Punk compilation.  Complete series M/M
V.A. “Playing For Chesty” 7” ROCKIN’ BBONES 1999 Euro 5 
Punk compilation: Go Devils, Sonic Dolls, etc. 
  V.A. “Potbuster” CD PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE 2003 Euro 10
Psychedelic compilation: Green Pajamas, Golden Dawn, etc.  
V.A. “Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium 14” LP LOST CONTINENCE 2003 Euro 25  –  ’60 Garage and Psychedelic compilation from Germany  
V.A. “Progressive Italiano” CD LA REPUBBLICA Vol.1&2 Euro 10 Progressive compilation: Area, Osanna, etc.  
V.A. “Psychedelic Disaster Whirl” LP FRANTIC 1986 Euro 40
’60 US Psychedelic compilation  LTD/400 Numbered
V.A. “Psychedelic States Vol.1″CD GEAR FAB 2000 Euro 16
’60 US Illinois psychedelic band
V.A. “Psychedelic…Hallucination” LP ELEKTRA 1969 Euro 20
US Psychedelic: Doors, etc.   
V.A. “Ptolemaic Terrascope Benefit EP ” 7″ ENRAPTURED 1997 Euro 10  Psychedelic compilation: Bevis Frond, Silver Apples, etc. 
  V.A. “Ptolemaic Terrascope” N° 16 7″ PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE 1994 Euro 4  – Psychedelic compilation: Flying Saucer Attack, Guided By Voices, Anglagard 
V. A. “Ptolemaic Terrascope” N° 19″ 7″ PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE 1995 Euro 4  – Psychedelic compilation: Conspiracy, Roots Of Echo, NO ‘Zine 
V. A. “Ptolemaic Terrascope” N° 24 ” 7″ PTOLEMAIC TERRASCOPE 1997 Euro 4  Psych compilation: By Voices, Lazily Spun, etc. NO ‘Zine 
V.A. “Purple Heart Surgery Vol.1-3” 3xLP MODERN 1995 Euro 60 Beat & Psych acetate from the ’60. Complete series   
V.A. “Radio Tokyo Tapes” LP EAR MOVIE 1987 Euro 25
US Garage compilation: Rain Parade, Three O’ Clock,100 Flowers, 
V.A. “Radioslok” 7” SLOK  1999 Euro 5
Garage Punk compilation: Satelliters, Out Four, etc.  
V. A. “Raw Cuts” Vol. 2-3-4-6 LP SATELLITE 80’S Euro 25 each (world Garage Punk compilation)
V.A. “Riot City” LP SATAN 1985 Euro 35
’60 US Garage Punk compilation
V.A. “Riot On Soundflat Strip” CD SOUNDFLAT 2006 Euro 8
Garage Punk compilation: Green Telescope, Cynics, Tell-Tale Hearts, etc.
V.A. “Rip Off Records Third Wave Of Hits” CD RIP OFF 2004 Euro 12  – US Punk compilation: Raccolta dei 7″
V.A. “R’n’R Anthems” 7” RESTA RUDE 1998 Euro 5 
Punk Compilation: Klasse Kriminale, Razzapparte, etc.   
V.A. “Rock’n’Roll Stowaways” LP THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT 1989 Euro 20  –  Garage compilation: Cosmic Dropouts, Tempo Toppers, Major Maraccas, etc.  
V.A. “Rockbeef” LP TRAMITE 1988 Euro 25
Garage Compilation: Kim Squad And Dinah Shore Zeekapers, Liars, Not Moving, etc.   
V.A. “Rock Progressivo Italiano” CD AMARKORD 2006 Euro 10
Progressive compilation: Panna Fredda, Procession, Metamorfosi, etc. No book
V. A. “Rocktober Fest” 7″ ROCKTOBER 1992 Euro 4                        US Punk compilation: Boss Fuel, Goblins, etc.
V.A. “RRR-100″ 7” RRRECORDS 1993 Euro 13
US Experimental compilation: 100 bands!!!!
V.A. “Rumble Skunk # 2” CD PRIVATE Euro 5 
Garage compilation: Liquid Vision,Texas Fog Society,Ultra 5,etc.
V.A. “Rumble Skunk #1” CD PRIVATE Euro 5
Garage compilation: Yesterday’s Thoughts, Meanie Geanies, Dead Moon, etc. 
V.A. “S.V.R. Rock Hits Of The Sixties” LP S.V.R. 1985 Euro 25 
’60 US Garage Punk Compilation
V.A. “Sartorial Elegance Vol.1″ 7” JUNGLE NOISE1997 Euro 10
Punk compilation: Boyz Nex’ Door, Lightning Beat-Man, etc.
V.A. “Screaming First” LP A.I.P. 1996  Euro 20
’77 Punk compilation: Suicide Commandos, Victims, DOA, etc.
V.A. “Scum Of The Earth” LP WEED 1995 Euro 20 
‘60 US Punk compilation 
V.A. “Scum Of The Earth” Vol.1 LP KILLDOZER 1984 Euro 25
‘60 US Punk compilation   
V.A. “Scum Of The Earth” Vol.2 LP KILLDOZER 1984 Euro 25
‘60 US Punk compilation 
V.A. “Searching in the Wildernness” LP OP-ART 1986 Euro 20
’60 Garage compilation from Holland  
V.A. “Seattle Syndrome” Vol.1 LP ENGRAM 1981 Euro 30
US Post Punk-Punk: X-15, Puds, Fastbacks, 88’s,etc.  
V.A. “Shangri-la:Tribute To The Kinks” LP IMAGINARY 1989 Euro 15 Compilation: Chesterfield Kings, Thanes,Droogs, etc.
V. A. “Shout & Scream” LP DETOUR 1994 Euro 25 (Garage Mod Compilation: Clique, Thee Cherylinas, Apemen )
V.A. “Shut The Gate…” LP NITRO Euro 12
pUNK compilation: Supercharger,New Bomb Turks, Beavers, etc.
V. A. “Shut Up & Drive!” 7″ SPEED-O-METER 1995 Euro 5              US Punk compilation: Hatebombs, Psycho From Texas, etc.
V.A. “Sick Of Being Sick” LP PRIMITIVE 2007 Euro 15
 Punk Garage compilation: Singing Dogs, Tunas, Honey Don’t, etc.
V.A. “Sin Alley” Vol.1 LP BIG DADDY 19?? Euro 25
US Garage-a-Billy compilation: 1955-1962 
V.A. “Sin Alley” Vol.2 LP PARTY RECORDS 19?? Euro 25
US Garage-a-Billy compilation: 1955-1962 
V.A. “Single’n’ Independent” CD SNI 94 Euro 35
Compilation: Silent Scream, Drastic Measures, etc. 
V.A. “Sixties Rebellion” ( Vol.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-11-12-16) 12xLP WAY BACK Euro 200
’60 Garage Punk compilation
V.A. “Small Voices Comp.” CD SMAILL VOICES Euro 5
Psych/Experimental compilation
V.A. “Smarten Up Comp” LP SMARTEN UP Euro 12
Garage compilation: Timelaps, etc.
V.A. “Smell Like Smoked Sausages”  2×7″ SUB POP 1992 Euro 23 Grunge compilation: Helios Creed, Boss Hog, Tar, etc.  
V.A. “Smiles,Vibes & Harmony” LP DEMILO 1990 Euro  12
Garage compilation: Cyncs, Headcoats, etc.   
V. A. “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” LP TWIST 1992 Euro 20 (Garage Compilation: Cutbacks, Lust-O-Rama, Breadmakers, etc.)
V. A. “Sniffin’ Rock Presents” 7″ Flexi SNIFFIN’ ROCK 1987 Euro 3 Compilation: Birdhouse,Ultima Thule,etc.

V.A. “Something About Joy Division” LP VOX POP 1990 Euro 35
Indie compilation: Allison Run, Subterranean,  Dining Rooms, Orange Party, etc.

V.A. “Son Of Kraut (The Next Generation Of Krautrock)” CD SIREENA Euro 12
Psychedelic compilation: Space Debris, Electric Moon, Electric Orange, etc. 
V.A. “Songs For A Crimson Eggtree” LP EARWORM Euro 14 Garage Psych compilation: Dipsomaniacs,14th Wray, Bright Eyes, etc. 
V.A. “Space Patrol In Mission!” CD-BOX S.P.A.F. 2002 Euro 12
Punk compilation: Killer Klown, Morticia’s Lovers, Intellectuals, etc.  
V.A. “Special For Teens N°2” LP COLUMBIA 196? Euro 60
Beat compilation: I Nomadi, Royals, Shadows, etc. (M-/M-)
V.A. “Staff The Neighbours…” 7″ CFC 1984 Euro 4
Indie compilation: Psy, Nightmare, etc. 
V.A. “Stereophonic Dodman” CD NOWHERE STREET MUSIC 2004 Euro 8  –  Psychedelic compilation: Liquid Zoo, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society, etc.
V.A. “Stomping At The Klub Foot” LP ABC 1984 Euro 20
Garage compilation: Milkshakes, Stingrays, etc. Ex/M-
V.A. “Surfin Wild” LP HOT ROD 1991 Euro 20
’60 Surf compilation 
V. A. “Surprise Package”  Vol. 3  7″ FLYING BOMB 2000 Euro 10 Punk compilation: Dirtbombs, MHz, Real Pills
V.A. “Swiss Punk Compilation” 7″ VOODOO RHYTHM Euro 5
Punk compilation: Preachers, Dead Cobains, etc. 
V.A. “Sympathetic Sounds Of Toe-Rag Studios London” LP S.F.T.R.I.2003 Euro 22  – Punk Garage compilation: Kaisers, Bristols,Ludella Black, etc.  
V.A. “Takin’ Out The Trash” LP KAMIKAZE 2000 Euro 15
Garage Surf compilation: Phantom 5ive, Saturn V, Fortune & Maltese, etc.
V.A. “Takin’A Detour Vol.2” LP DETOUR 2001 Euro 20
Mod compilation: Apemen, Strawberry Smell, Hipster,etc.
V.A. “Takin’A Detour Vol.1” LP DETOUR 1996 Euro 20
Garage compilation: Mourning After, Clique, Aardvarks, etc.
V. A. “Tales From Estrus” Vol. II 7″ ESTRUS 1992 Euro 7                    US Punk compilation: Supersnazz, American Soul Spiders, etc. 
V. A. “Teenage Bratpack” 7″ VARMINT 2002 Euro 5                            Punk compilation: Apers, Stinking Polecats, Wimps,etc. 
V. A. “Teenage Mutant Punk Rock Zombies… ” 7″ JELLYBRAIN 2000 Euro 5                                                                                          Punk compilation: Peawees, Destructors, Red Flag 77, etc. 
V.A. “Teenage Shutdown! – Get A Move On!!!” CD TEENAGE SHUTDOWN Euro 13
US ’60 Punk compilation
V.A. “Teenage Shutdown! Vol.1-15” 15xLP TEENAGE SHUTDOWN Euro 230  –  US ’60 Punk. Complete series M/M
V.A. “Texas Evil” 7″ BAG OF HAMMERS 1994 Euro 6
Compilation: Sinister Six, Gas Huffer, etc. 
V.A. “Texas Flashback” Vol.1-2-3  3xCD WAY BACK Euro 33
’60 US Punk compilation

V.A. “Texas Punk From The Sixties” LP EVA 1982 Euro 18              ’60 US Garage Punk compilation  

V. A. “That’s Mighty Childish” LP VENDETTA 1995 Euro 25    (Garage Compilation: Trashwomen, Thee Cybermen, Statics, Gorgons, etc.)

V.A. “The 3 man Vienna Underground” LP T.U.T. 1987 Euro 15  Vienna band compilation: Ronnie Urini, Losers, Razorblade
V.A. “The 4th Adventure” LP GUIDING LIGHTS 1991 Euro 16 Garage compilation: Stems, Bevis Frond, Fish Eye Lens, Dead Moon, etc.
V.A. “The Belgian Garagemania 5” LP BOOM 1989 Euro 20
Garage compilation: Venus Juices, Pink Flowers, King Koen, etc.
V.A. “The Best of BOMP” LP BOMP 1978 Euro 18 Punk compilation: Zeros, DMZ, Stooges ,etc.  
V.A. “The Bob Magazine No.39″ 7” Flexi BOB 199? Euro 3
Indie compilation: Died Pretty, Psychedelic Furs, etc. 
V. A. “The Bob Magazine No.46″ 7” Flexi BOB 1993 Euro 3
Indie compilation: Al Perry, Chris Mars, etc. 
V. A. “The Dunwich Records Story” LP VOXX 1990 Euro 20
US ’60 Garage Punk compilation
V.A. “Thee Cave Comes Alive” LP ACTION 2004 Euro 15
garage Punk compilation: Gruesomes, Ultra 5, etc.
V.A. “The Deadly Spawn” LP+Flexi BONA FIDE 1986 Euro 30 
Garage Punk compilation: Fourgiven, Brood, etc.   
V.A. “The Electric Lemonade Acid Test Vol.1-4” 4xLP TENTH PLANET Euro 100
’60 and ’70 Acid Psych. Complete series 
V.A. “The History of Northwest Rock” Vol.1 LP THE GREAT… 1976 Euro 23 – US ’60 Garage PunK compilation 
V.A. “The International League Of Telepathic Explorers” CD FREE CITY MEDIA 2002 Euro 13
Psychedelic compilation: Bevis Frond, Dunlavy, etc.  
V. A. “The Next Big Thing” 7″ THE NEXT BIG THING 1997 Euro 25 US Punk compilation: Nomads, Dictators, etc. 
V.A. “The Music of the Spheres” LP SWITCHBACK 1989 Euro 25
Psychedelic compilation: Omnia Opera, Mind Circus, etc.   
V.A. “The Psychedelic Salvage Company” Vol.1 LP PRIVATE 1990 Euro 50  –  UK Psych from acetate and tape 
V.A. “The Psychedelic Salvage Company” Vol.2 LP PRIVATE 1990 Euro 50  –  UK Psych from acetate and tape
V.A. “The Psychedelic Unknowns” (Vol.1/2-3-4-5-6-7-8)  7xLP CALICO/SYN-SITY/Etc. 1979-86 Euro 180
’60 Psychedelic
V.A. “The Radio Tokyo Tapes” LP EAR MOVIE 1983 Euro 30
Garage compilation: Rain Parade, Last, Three O’Clock, etc. 
V.A. “The Rebel Kind” LP SOUNDS INTERESTING 1983 Euro 30  garage compilation: Fuzztones, Unclaimed, Plasticland, etc. (M/M)  
V.A. “The Rebel Kind” LP SOUNDS INTERESTING 1983 Euro 35 Garage compilation: Fuzztones, Unclaimed, Plasticland, etc. Sigillato  
V.A. “The Rebel Kind” LP LOLITA 1983 Euro 25
garage compilation: Fuzztones, Unclaimed, Plasticland,etc.
V.A. “The Secret Team” LP VOXX 1988 Euro 12
garage compilation: Stomachmouths, Dwarves, etc.    
V. A. “The Sensational Octopus Compilation” 7″ WAX 1996 Euro 5 Punk compilation: Children’s Channel, Manges, etc.
V.A. “The Sound Of Gulcher” LP HATE 2002 Euro 15
Reissue US 1981 Punk compilation
V.A. “The Star-Club Story” DLP STAR-CLUB 1975 Euro 18
’60 Compilation :Roadrunners, Pretty Things, Cavern Cats, etc.
V. A. “The Summer Of Love” CD SONIC Euro 5 (US ’60 Grateful Dead, Blue Cheer, Moby Grape,etc. Solo CD)
V.A. “The Surf Creature” LP ROMULAN Euro 35
US ’60 Garage Surf compilation 
V.A. “The Target Sampler” 7″ TARGET 1991 Euro 4
Mod compilation: Jane Pow, Monoland, etc. 
V. A. “The Vegetable Man Project” CD OGGETTI VOLANTI 2002 Euro 10  – Psychedelic compilation: Mandragora, Linus Pauling Quartet, etc.           
V. A. “The Vegetable Project” 10″ OGGETTI VOLANTI Euro 12
Psychedelic compilation: Sula Bassana, ST37, etc.
V. A. “The Vegetable Man Project vol. 6” CD YELLOW SHOES 2009 Euro 10  –  Psychedelic compilation
V.A. “Thing Go…” CD COCA-COLA Euro 9
‘60 Beat band, 61 brani 
V. A. “Think Link Vol.2″ 10” DRINK N DRINK 1996 Euro 13
Garage compilation: Mono Men, Headcoat Sect ,Phantom 5ive,etc.
V. A. “Think of The Good Times” LP BACCHUS ARCHIVES Euro 18
’60 Tucson Garage compilation  

V.A. “This House Is Not A Motel” LP GLITTERHOUSE 198? Euro 15 Garage Punk compilation: Green River, Miracle Workers, Mudhoney, etc.  

V. A. “Those Were Different Times:Unreleased Cleveland 1973-76″ 3X10” SCAT 1997 Euro 130
Art Punk compilation: Mirros, Electric Eels, etc.
V.A. “Three O’ Clock Merrian Webster Time” LP CICADELIC 1982 Euro 30  –  US ’60 Garage: Lemon Fog, Nomads, etc.  
V. A. “Time Gone By” LP ACTION Euro 13
‘60 Garage Punk compilation
V.A. “Time To Time” LP TEEN SOUND 1999 Euro 13
Garage Punk compilation: Sick Rose, Sleep Walkers, etc. 
V.A. “To Be Idiot Comp”  7” TO BE IDIOT Euro 4
Punk Italy compilation: Grabbies, etc. 
V. A. “Today Is Just Tomorrow’s Yesterday Vol.2” CD MISTY LANE Euro 5
Garage Punk compilation: Ultra V, Maggots, Kartoons, etc. 
V.A. “Top Teen Bands” Vol. 2 LP BUD-JET 1995 Euro 13
’60 Garage beat bands compilation
V.A. “Top Teen Bands” Vol. 3 LP BUD-JET 1995 Euro 13
’60 Garage beat bands compilation
V. A. “Train to Disaster!” LP BONA FIDE 1983 Euro 30
Garage compilation: Yard Trauma,Dootz, etc.  
V.A. “Trans World Punk” LP CRAWDAD 19?? Euro 15
’60 Garage PunK compilation  
V. A. “Trans World Punk” Vol.2 LP CRAWDAD 19?? Euro 15
’60 Garage PunK compilation  
V. A. “Trash On Delivry” LP FLICKNIFE 1983 Euro 22
Garage compilation: Barracudas, N.Sudden, etc. 
V.A. “Trashy & Catchy My Dear Watson!” Vol.2  10″ LARSEN Euro 15  –  Garage compilation: Squares, Beach Bitches, Linkers, etc. 
V. A. “Tribute To The Jam” 10″ KOGA 1997 Euro 25
Mod compilation: Mad 3, Switch Trout,cYoung Fresh Fellows, etc. 
V. A. “Trip In Time Vol.1 Delighted By Psychedelic Rock” CD TRIP IN TIME Euro 13
Psychedelic compilation: Vibravoid, Dragonwyck, Siena Root, etc. 
V. A. “Trypnosis Festival” LP ANSIA DE COLOR 1997 Euro 13
Garage compilation: Dr. Explosion, Sex Museum,etc.+’zine  
V.A. “Turban Renewal” DLP NORTON 1994 Euro 25
Garage PunK compilation:  Lyres, Brood, Mummies ,Hentchmen, etc.
V. A. “Underground Newcastle” LP SONIC BLUE 1991 Euro 15
Psychedelic compilation: Dead Flowers, Lime Green Violent, etc. 
V. A. “Unloved Again: Tribute To Forever Changes” CD GRABACIONES EN EL MAR 1998 Euro 13
Psych cc ompilation: Tea Servants, etc.
V. A. “Untitled” 7″ PROUD TO BE IDIOT 1998 Euro 5                    Punk Compilation: Buddy Bradley, Cunt, Murdok, etc. 
V. A. “Untitled” 7″ VINYL SOLUTION 1989 Euro 5                        Punk Compilation: Hard-Ons, Les Thugs, Mega City Four,etc. etc. 
V. A. “Urine Stains Across Virginia” 7″ BLACK LUNG 2003 Euro 6 Punk compilation: M-’80, Apostles, Big Bobby And The Nightcaps, etc.
V.A. “Urla dal Granducato” CD Vol.2 AREA PIRATA Euro 10 
’80 Hardcore compilation from Italy
V. A. “Urla dal Granducato” LP/CD Vol.1 AREA PIRATA Euro 14/10
’80 Hardcore compilation from Italy
V. A. “Urlo!” 7″ VACATION HOUSE 1995 Euro 3                              Punk compilation: Indigesti, Crunch, Tupelo, etc.
V. A. “Used & Recovered” LP WHITE 1990 Euro 13
Punk compilation: Celibate Rifles, Bored, etc.  
V.A. “Vancouver Complication” DLP ROCKIN’ BONES Euro 21
’77-’80 Punk compilation from Canada 
V.A. “Vinile # 2″ 7” VINILE 1988 Euro 5
Indie compilation: Nikki Sudden, Lul, etc.
V. A. “Violent Climax” Vol. 2  7″ SADO MASO GRRRL 2000 Euro 6 Punk compilation: Finkers, Grabbies, Gasolheads
V. A. “Voodoo Rhythm Compilation Vol. 3” CD WOODOO RHYTHM 2011 Euro 10  – Compilation: Dead Brothers, etc.
V.A. “Waking Dream” LP PSYCHO 1985 Euro 16
Psych compilation:  Mood Six, Green Telescope ,Magic, Mushroom Band, etc.
V.A. “We Aint Housewife Material” LP DIONYSUS 2004 Euro 13
Punk and Garage Compilation: Fifi and Mach 3, Soap, etc.
V.A. “What Is The Idea” LP IDEA Euro 14
Compilation: Poisoned Electric Head, Christopher, etc.Ex++/M
V.A. “Where The Action Is – A Tribute To Radio Birdman” CD LIVING EYES Euro 10
Punk compilation: Killer Klown, Temporal Sluts, etc. 
V. A. “Wild News From Frenchy Radio Punk-Rock” Vol. 2 7″ LOLLIPOP 2001                                                                                        Euro 5 Punk compilation:TV Men, Backsliders, etc.
V. A. “WMBR-Presents-Clear-The-Room” 7″ NO LIFE 1992              Euro 5 Compilation: Jesus Lizard, Velocity Gurl, etc.
V.A. “Woodstock Two” DLP COTILLION 1670 Euro 15
Original ? France Pressing Ex / VG/ VG cover scollata  
V.A. “Woodstock-Two” DLP ATLANTIC 1970 Euro 21
Reissue 1982 EX / M 
V.A. “Wrong Stereotype” LP ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES” 1988 Euro 15 Punk compilation: J.Biafra, Alice Donut, Beatnics, etc.   
V.A. “Zombie Shake”  2LP ROCKIN BONES 1999 Euro 15
Punk & Garage Compilation
VAGEENAS “Here Are The…” 10″ INCOGNITO 1996 Euro 13
Punk rock band from Germany  
VAGEENAS ” I Wanna Destroy” 7″ PLASTIC BOMB 1995 Euro 5
Punk rock band from Germany  
Punk from
VALLEY OF KINGS “Victory Garden” LP INCAS 1985 Euro 10 
US Psych Pop 
VALVOLA “Discover Another Side Of Valvola” LP S.H.A.D.O. 1998 Euro 35
Psychedelic from Italy 
VALVOLA “Teenagers Film Their Own Life” CD ON/OFF 1998 Euro 13 Psychedelic from Italy 
VAMPIRE LOVERS “Heavy Planet Fuzz” 7’ BENT 1988 Euro 5
Punk from Australia 
VAMPIRE LOVERS “Weirdo Wastelands” 7’ HECUBA 1989 Euro 5 
Punk from Australia  
Psych from Germany 
Psych from Germany
VAMPYRE STATE BUILDING “Triple A” 7” RUMBLE MUMBLE Euro 5 Psych from Germany 
VAN HELLSING “Celestial Beggary” 7″ SWAMP ROOM 2005 Euro 5 Punk from Germany 
VANCOUVERS “Gotta Shake It” 7″ GET HIP 1995 Euro 5
Power Pop from Spain  
VANDAALIT “Etsin Ja Tuhoan” 7″ HILSE-LEVYT 1992 Euro 6
Punk from Finland
VANDAALIT “Torakka” 7″ HILSE-LEVYT 1992 Euro 6
Punk from Finland
VANILLA CHAINSAWS “Like You” 7’ PHANTOM 1987 Euro 6 Garage Rock Australia  
VANILLA WHORES “What You Need” 7’ BIG REHAB  1991 Euro 5 US Punk Garage  
US Psych
US Psychedelic 
US Psychedelic 
US Psych LTD/200
US Psych LTD/200
VEE DEE “Blood Zombie” 7″ GOODBYE BOOZY 2004 Euro 5 Punk Rock from US
VEINES “Bourgeois Standard” LP NITRO Euro 15
Punk ’77 from France
VEINES “Parties Fine Sous Cocaine” 7″ FRANTIC CITY Euro 5
PUNK ’77 from France
US Punk Grunge   
VELVET MONKEYS “Rock The Nation” 7″ SUB POP 1991 Euro 15 US Garage Indie Psych Punk
VELVET MONKEYS “Colors” 7″ BONA FIDE 1985 Euro 5 US      Garage Indie Psych Punk
US Reissue Psych Hippy Rock 
VELVET SPINE “Nod Your Head” 7″ BOOM 1993 Euro 5 
Mod Pop 
VELVET SPINE “Shop of Happiness” 7″ BOOM 1993 Euro 5 
Mod Pop  
VELVET UNDERGROUND “1969 Live” DLP MERCURY 1974 Euro 21 Reissue 198? M-/M 
VELVET UNDERGROUND “1969 Live” DLP MERCURY 1974 Euro 40 Original US Pressing Ex+++/M-/M-piccolo strappo sul dorso  
The Atlantic Sessions
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Live at Max’ s Kansas City” LP ATLANTIC 1972 Euro 15  
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Live at Max’s Kansas City” LP ATLANTIC 1972 Euro 18
UK Pressing end ’70 M/M  
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Loaded” LP COTILLION 1970 Euro 22 US Psych M-/M-   
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Loaded” LP COTILLION 1970 Euro 55 US Original Pressing M-/VG 2°Matrix  
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Loaded” LP ATLANTIC 1970 Euro 18 Germany Pressing of 1981 M/M 
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Something Different” LP VU REC. 2001 Euro 20
Demo &Live 1965-’67 
VELVET UNDERGROUND “The Velvet Underground” LP MGM 1969 Euro 18
Reissue anni ’70-’80 M/M  
VELVET UNDERGROUND “Velvet Undergruoud ” LP VERVE 1967 Euro 18
’70 Reissue M- -/M    
VELVET UNDERGROUND “White Light/White Heat” LP MGM 1967 Euro 18
UK ’70-’80 Pressing M-/M- 
VELVET UNDERGROUND “White Light/White Heat” LP VERVE 1967 Euro 18
Germany Original? Pressing M-/M- Skull cover  
VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO “The Velvet Underground & Nico” LP VERVE 1967                                                                        Euro 100  US Orig. Presing without Emerson Ex-/VG- NB: Peeled banana  

VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO “The Velvet Underground & Nico” LP VERVE 1967 Euro 40
US 3° pressing M-/M

VENDETTA “Terror Forever…” 7″ PURE PUNK 2005 Euro 5 
Punk from Italy
VENDETTA “Cant’ Stop” 7″ 360 TWIST! 1997 Euro 5 
Punk from US

VENETIAN POWER “The Arid Land” LP BTF 2014 Euro 20     Reissue of 1971 progressive italian album

VENTURAS (LOS) “Kaleydoskop” LP GREEN COOKIE 2011 Euro 15 Garage Surf Punk from Belgio
VENUS & RAZORBLADES “I Want To Be” 7″ SPARK 1977 Euro 3 Punk Rock Cover con strappo  
US Psychedelic Noise (M-/M)
VERMONSTER “Instinctively Inhuman” LP TWISTED VILLAGE 1991 Euro 50 
US Psychedelic Noise (M/M)
VERMONSTER “The Holy Sound Of American Pipe” LP TWISTED VILLAGE 1993 Euro 50 
US Psychedelic Noise (M/M)
VERNON JOYNSON “The Tapestry Of Delights ” BORDERLINE PRODUCTIONS – LIBRO Euro 90                                                        UK band1963-1976 Psych, Beat, Prog  p. 982 
VERNON JOYNSON “Fuzz acid and flowers – revisited expanded edition ” BORDERLINE PRODUCTIONS – LIBRO Euro 150                  US band 1963-1977 Psych, Beat, Prog  p. 1403 
VESPERO “Liventure 21” LP GOLDEN PAVILION 2010 Euro 25 Psychedelic from Russia 
VIBES “Psychic” 7″ NOT NOT FUN 2009 Euro 5
US Psych Experimental
VIBES “The Inner Wardrobes Of Your Mind” 12″ CHAINSAW 1985 Euro 15
UK Garage
VIBRANTS “Dance With The Vibrants” LP EL TORO 2009 Euro 16 Surf Garage R’n’R from Spain 
VIBRAVOID “Delirio Dei Sensi” LP GO DOWN Euro 21
Psychedelic from Germany
VIBRAVOID “Gravity Zero” LP SULATRON 2012 Euro 25 Psychedelic from Germany
VIBRAVOID “Minddrugs” CD SULATRON Euro 13 
Psychedelic from germany
VIBRAVOID “Psychedelic Blueprints” CD STONED KARMA 2016 Euro 13 
Psychedelic band from Düsseldorf
VIBRAVOID & SHY SAXON “A Poetry Of Love” LP ANAZITISI 2010 Euro 300
1° Press LTD/200 Oversized Cover
VIBRAVOID “2001 Love Is Freedom” CD TRIGGERFISCH 2000 Euro 25
Psychedelia from Germany – Digipack 
VIBRAVOID “Void Vibration” CD NASONI 2002 Euro 15
Psychedelia from Germany
VOID FORUM (VIBRAVOID) “Turned on Acid” LP MOONHEAD 2003 Euro 50 
Psychedelia from Germany
VICARS “Don’t Try To Tell Me” 7″ DIRTY WATER Euro 5
Punk Garage
VICARS “Let Us Play LP” CD EY STEEVE 2008 Euro 12
Punk Garage
VICTIMS “Television Addict” 7″ 1977 RECORDS Euro 10
Re ’77 Australia Punk Photocopy cover
VICTIMS ” Television Addct” 7″ MX Euro 15 
Re ’77 Australia Punk
VIETNAM CHAIN “Before I Go” MLP MUSIC MANIAC 1988 Euro 12 Grage Psych from France
VIETNAM VETERANS “In Ancient Times” LP MUSIC MANIAC 1986 Euro 18 
Grage Psych from France  
VIKINGS “Rock All” 7″ S.F.T.R.I. 1994 Euro 10 
Punk Garage from Norway
VIKINKS “Gloria” 7″ OP ART Euro 7
’60 Garage from Holland
VILLA 21 “Right Answers Wrong Questions” 7″ WIPE OUT 1987 Euro 25
Punk from Greece. Never in PS
VINDICTIVES “The  Many Moods of…” DLP LOOKOUT 1995 Euro 23 
US Punk Ex++/M/M    
VINTAGE RIOT “Come As You Are” 7″ TWANG 1996 Euro 12 
VIOLATORS “Gangland” 7″ NO FUTURE 1982 Euro 20
UK Punk Rock M-/M-
VIOLETA DE OUTONO “Em Toda Parte” LP RCA 1989 Euro 45 (Fantastic Psych-Prog from Brasile M/EX  
VIOLETA DE OUTONO “Same” LP RCA-PLUG 1987 Euro 50 Fantastic Psych-Prog from Brasile EX/M 
VIPERS “Never alone” 7″ MIDNIGHT 1984 Euro 15
US Garage Punk 1°pressing  
VIPERS “Satellite Boys” 7″ DIRTY WATER 7″ Euro 5
UK Punk Garage
Psich USA 
VIRUS/SENOR NO Split 7″ EL BEASTO 2000 Euro 12                  Punk Garage from Spain
VIV AKAULDREN “Old Bags And Party Rags” LP AKASHIC 1985 Euro 25
US Psychedelic, Prog, Experimental
VIV AKAULDREN “I’ll Call You Sometime” LP+7″ AKASHIC 1987 Euro 25
US Psychedelic, Prog, Experimental
VIV AKAULDREN ” Vivian’s Fountain” LP RESONANCE 1990 Euro 20
US Psychedelic, Prog, Experimental
VIV AKAULDREN “Eye Suck” 7″ AKASHIC 1988 Euro 6
US Psychedelic, Prog, Experimental
VIV AKAULDREN “Magnolia” 7″ AKASHIC 1989 Euro 6
US Psychedelic, Prog, Experimental
VIVA L’AMERICAN DEATH RAY MUSIC “New Commotion” 7″ MISPRINT 2003 Euro 7 US Indie Garage
VIVORAS “By Myself” 7″ GET HIP 1996 Euro 5
Punk Garage from Spain
Strange Psych. Strenge Music 
VOCOKESH “Electric Indian Blues” LP PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE 2008 Euro 50 
US Heavy Psychedelic LTD/200
VOCOKESH “Looking For My Head” LP PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE 2012 Euro 50 
US Heavy Psychedelic LTD/300
VOLADORAS “You Suck” 7″ THUNDERBABY 2002 Euro 8 
Garage from Norway
VOLARES “The Night We Taught Ourselves To Sing” LP ROCKADELIC 1998 Euro 30
US Folk Psych 
VOLCANO SUNS “Blue Rib” 7’ 1/4 STICK 1990 Euro 5 
Boston Indie Art Rock 

VOLCANOES “Hustlers” 7’ ERUPTION 1986 Euro 5 
Punk dall’Australia  

VOLCANOS “Deora” 7″ ESTRUS 1996 Euro 10
US Garage Surf 
VOLCANOS “Krakatoa” 7″ NEUROTIC BOP 1994 Euro 8
US Garage Surf 
VOLCANOS “Musica Pro Proximum Millenium” 7″ ESTRUS 1997 Euro 10
US Garage Surf 
VOLCANOS “The Last Wave” 7″ NEUROTIC BOP 1995 Euro 10 
US Garage Surf
VOLCANOS “Wine Wine Wine” 7″ GET HIP 1997 Euro 8
US Garage Surf 
VOLTA SOUND “My All American Girl” LP ORANGE SKY 2002 Euro 20
US Psychedelic Pop
Hardcore Punk from UK/Japan 
VOM “Live At Surf City” 7″ KRYPTONITE  Euro 5                              US Punk ’77 Reissue 2001
VON LMO “Tranceformer” DLP MUNSTER 2003 Euro 30 
Definitive anthology of 70 NYC´s Sci-Fi & avantgarde punk pioneer
VON ZIPPERS “Bad Generation” LP ESTRUS 1998 Euro 20 
Garage Punk from Canada 
VON ZIPPERS “Monkey On You” 7″ ESTRUS Euro 6
Garage Punk from Canada
VON ZIPPERS “The Crime Is Now” LP ALIEN SNATCH Euro 16 Garage Punk from Canada 
VON ZIPPERS “Twist Off ” 7″ ESTRUS 1998 Euro 6
Garage Punk from Canada 
VON ZIPPERS “Wow ‘Em Down At Franzl’s” 10″ AU-GO-GO 1997 Euro 15
Garage Punk from Canada  
Canada Garage Punk
VOODOO “Il Voltafaccia” LP PIXY 1992 Euro 35
Psychedelic Rock from Italy. Completo di gadget
VOODOO BOOTS “Texas Blood” 7” ROCKIN’ BONES 1999 Euro 6
Japan Punk
VOODOO BOOTS “Untitled” 7” BULB 1998 Euro 6
Japan Punk
VOODOO DOLLS “Bad Feeling” 7″ STANTON PARK 1990 Euro 5
US Punk  
VOODOO DOLLS “I’m Coming Back To Haunt You” 7″ STANTON PARK 1989 Euro 5
US Punk  
US Punk   
WOODOO DOLLS “Not for sale” LP STANTON PARK 1993 Euro 13 US Punk  
VOODOO DOLLS “Number Two” 7″ STANTON PARK 1992 Euro 5 US Punk 
VOODOO LOVE GODS “Bad Seed” 7″ GLITTERHOUSE 1987 Euro 6 US Punk Garage
US Punk Garage
VOO-DOOMS “Destination Doomsville” LP TRASH WAX 2018 Euro 25 ( Garage Rock & Roll, Beat, Horror Punk)
VOX POP “Cor Blimey” 7″ DETOUR Euro 5
UK Mod Power Pop 
VOYAGE LIMPID SOUND “Electronically…” LP NOWHERE 2000 Euro 20
Psychedelic from  Greece
VULTEES “Heaven” 7″ WATERFRONT 1986 Euro 5
Australia Rock Punk

Catalog pages A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | PQ | R | S | T | UV | W | XYZ
W.A.Y.P. “Happy Moments” INTENSIVE SCARE 1995 Euro 5 
Punk from Italy
W.I.N.K.S. “Too Hot To Be This Cool” LP ROCKIN’ BONES 2005 Euro 15 
All female punk band from Austin, Texas, USA
US ’70 Psych
WAISTCOATS “No Need To Hurry” 7″ LARSEN 1998 Euro 7 
Garage Punk from Holland 
WAISTCOATS “She Just Satisfies” 7″ LARSEN 1998 Euro 7 
Garage Punk from Holland 
WAISTCOATS “We Are The Doctors” LP LARSEN 2010 Euro 18 
Garage Punk from Holland
Garage Holland/UK 
WAISTCOATS/KARTOONS Split 7” LARSEN 2000 Euro 6 Holland/Italy. Cover dei Rokes, Garage Beat 
WAISTCOATS “Beat party“10” LARSEN 1999 Euro 13 
Garage from Holland 
WAISTCOATS “Explosion” LP LARSEN 2000 Euro 18 
Garage Punk from Holland 
WAISTCOATS “In Our Eyes” LP LARSEN 2002 Euro 18 
Garage punk Olanda
WAKES “Play It Loud” 7″ CINELUX 1993 Euro 6 
Garage Rock from France
WAKES “…..Need Guitars” 7″ MAKEMDAY 1995 Euro 6 
Garage Rock from France
WAKINYAN “Copal Flow” LP BACKWARDS 2012 Euro 20 
Experimental from Italy
WALKING ABORTIONS “Handy Pandy…” 7″ INCOGNITO 1996 Euro 6
Punk band from London, UK
WALKINGSEEDS “Dwarf L.P.” LP GLASS 1989 Euro 20 
UK Alternative Psych Heavy Rock 
WALKINGSEEDS “Beat Them All To Death” 7″ DENTAL 1994 Euro 5
Alternative heavy rock band from Liverpool, UK 
WALKINGSEEDS “Mirrorshades” 7″ BUTCHER’S HOOK 1993 Euro 5
Alternative heavy rock band from Liverpool, UK
WALKINGSEEDS “Rollin’ Machine” 7″ FIST PUPPET 1993 Euro 5 Alternative heavy rock band from Liverpool, UK
WALLENSTEIN “Blitzkrieg” LP THINK PROGRESSIVE 1999 Euro 25 Krautrock, Prog from Germany Reissue of 1972 LP 
Krautrock, Prog from Germany Re of 1972 LP 
WALTARI “Aika Tuulee” 7″ STUPIDO TWINS 1992 Euro 15 
Punk Alternative Rock from Finland
WALTARI “Shout” 7″ SONIC 1989 Euro 20 
Punk Alternative Rock from Finland
U.S. Punk
U.S. Punk
US R’n’R Punk
Garage Surf from France
WANGS “Pour Surfeur Seulement” 10″ WILD WILD 2003 Euro 15 Garage Surf from France
WANGS “Surfin Nha Trang” 7″ HUMAN BRETZEL 2004 Euro 5 
Garage Surf from France
WANNA BEES ” Stand Up” 7″ GAGA GOODIES 1991 Euro 6
Rock Punk from Finland
WANNA BEES “Let’s Fall In Love” 7″ GAGA GOODIES 1987 Euro 7 Rock Punk from Finland
WARHEAD “X-Mas Bop” 7″ POLYSTUDIO 1987 Euro 5                  Punk from Italy
WARLOCKS “Phoenix Album” LP BIRDMAN 2002 Euro 80 (M/M)
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Heavy Deavy Skull Lover” LP TEE PEE 2007 Euro 30 (M/M)
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Same” MLP BOMP! 2000 Euro 35 (M/M)
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Baby Blue” 12″ BIRDMAN 2002 Euro 25 (Ex/M)
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Red Camera” 7″ BOMB Euro 5
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Baby Blue” 7″ NUMERO GROUP 2002 Euro 10
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WARLOCKS “Baby Blue” 7″ MUTE 2003 Euro 6
US Psychedelic Shoegazing (Different B Side)
WARLOCKS “It’s Just Like Surgery” 7″ MUTE 2005 Euro 6
US Psychedelic Shoegazing 
WARLOCKS “Shake The Dope Out” 7″ MUTE 2003 Euro 6
US Psychedelic Shoegazing 
WARLOCKS “Surgery” CD MUTE 2005 Euro 12 
US Psych
WARLOCKS “The Mirror Explodes” LP TEE PEE 2009 Euro 25 (M/M)
US Psychedelic Shoegazing
WASTLAND “Take Me” 12″ TON UM TON Euro 20 
Mod from Austria
WASTE KINGS “Garden Of My Mind” 7″ ESTRUS 1993 Euro 5
US Punk M/M
WASTE KINGS “Give In” 7″ 1/4 YORK 1994 Euro 5
US Punk M/M
WASTE KINGS “Millionth Eye” 7″ 1/4 YORK 1993 Euro 7 
US Punk M/M
WASTELAND “Waiting For The Noise” 7’ YOUR CHOICE 1992 Euro 5 Psych Pop from Austria  
WAT TYLER “The Little People” 7″ RUGGER BUGGER 1996 Euro 15
UK Punk LTD/107
WATERMELON MEN “Past, Present And Future” LP TRACKS ON WAX 1986 Euro 18
Folk Beat Pop from Swedish 
WATERMELON MEN “Wildflowers” LP TRACKS ON WAX 1987 Euro 18
Folk beat pop from Swedish band 
WAY OUT “This Working Way” 7″ DIAMOND 1985 Euro 20 
UK Garage Mod
WAY OUT WEST “Motorhula” 10″ KAMIKAZE 1999 Euro 13
Garage Surf from Germany
Blues Punk from Texas, US
WAYWARD SOULS “Hit The Town” 7″ MNW 1987 Euro 6
Beat Pop from Sweden
WAYWARD SOULS “Unknown Journey” 7″ TRACKS ON WAX 198? Euro 6
Beat Pop from Sweden 
WE ” Dinosauric Futurobic” DLP BLACK BALLON 2002 Euro 40
Hard Psych from Norway
WE “Wooferwheels” DLP VOICES OF WONDER 1997 Euro 70
Hard Psych-Stoner from Norway Ex/M
Hard Psych-Stoner from Norway/Denmark
WE THE PEOPLE “Too Much Noise” LP SUNDAZED 2008 Euro 25 ’60 US Garage Punk
WE THE PEOPLE “Turn Off Your Crying Gun” 7″ HOTLINE 2008 Euro 12
’60 US Garage Punk 
WEBCORE “Webcore Webcore” LP JUNGLE 1988 Euro 15
UK Prog PsychEx/M
WEEDS “China Doll” 7’ IN TAPE 1986 Euro 5 
Pop Mod dall’UK  
WEEPIKES “Born To Be Bored” 7″ TRASHCAN 1995 Euro 6
Noise Punk from Helsinki Finland
WELLS FARGO “Fire” 7″ STARDUST 1987 Euro 6
Roots Rock from Italy
WELLS FARGO “Flashback” 7″ Flexi URLO 1990 Euro 5 
Roots Rock from Italy
WELLS FARGO “Pictured” 7″ TOAST 1988 Euro 5
Roots Rock from Italy
WELLWATER CONSPIRACY “Brotherhood Of Electric: Operational Directives” LP THIRD GEAR 1999 Euro 50 
US Experimental Psych
US Experimental Psych
WELTMEISTER “Einsam, Zweisam…” 7″ SHEEP 2001 Euro 5 Electronic Psych from Germany
WELTRAUM “Sounds Of The Underground” LP+CD NASONI Euro 25
Psychedelic from Germany
US Psych Original Press. Ex/Ex+++  
US Psych. Original Pressing VG/EX 
US Cowpunk Garage W./F.Cole
WET BAGS “Down By The Docks” 7″ KEN ROCK 2011 Euro 5
Punk from Sweden 

WET ONES “Next Summer” 7″ POLYESTER 1987 Euro 10
Australian women rock garage band  

WHERE THE MOON CAME FROM “Twin Of Pangaea” LP NASONI 2005 Euro 25 
US Psych
WHITE FLAG “En La Ciudad” 7″ MUNSTER 1992 Euro 7
US Punk 
WHITE FLAG ” Don’t Give It Away” 7″ S.F.T.R.I. 1992 Euro 8
US Punk
WHITE HASSLE “Lazy Susan” 7″ HIGH MAINTENANCE 2002 Euro 5 
US Folk Blues Punk
WHITE HEAVEN “Out” CD P.S.F. Euro 35 
Psychedelic from Japan 
WHITE TRASH MINSTRELS “The Dark Knights Of White Trash” 10“ MOTORWOLF 1997  Euro 25 
Garage Surf 
US Hard Psychedelic LTD/200
WHITTINGTONS “I’m Young, Dumb & Full Of Cum” 7” GOODBYE BOOZY 1999 Euro 10 
US Lo-Fi Punk LTD/300
WHO “A Quick One + Sell Out” DLP TRACK 1974 Euro 50
’60 UK Beat 2°+3° LP M-/Ex/M-  
WHO “A Quick One” CD POLYDOR Euro 12
Nuovo,Perfetto+bonus Tracks
WHO “The Who Collection” BOX 9xCD Digipack+DVD UNIVERSAL-L’ESPRESSO Euro 100
WHO “Direct Hits” LP TRACK 1968 Euro 150
Original UK Pressing M/M 
WHO “My Generation” LP VIRGIN Euro 20 
1965 Reissue UK Beat Mod band M/M 
WHO “Same” LP POLYDOR Euro 25 
1966 ? Germany Pressing VG/VG +/- 
WHO “Same” LP POLYDOR Euro 16
UK Mod 
WHO “Sell Out” CD POLYDOR Euro 13
Nuovo,Perfetto + bonus Tracks  
WHO “Sell Out” DLP KARUSSELL 1967 Euro 30 
Reissue 1971 M-/M-  
WHO “Sell Out” LP DECCA 1967 Euro 50
Original Pressing USA,M-/M- angolo cover tagliato  
WHORE! “Fishkiller …” 7″ THUNDERBABY 1994 Euro 5              Noisy punk from France
WHYTE SEEDS “Of Enemies” LP BIG DAY 2003 Euro 14
Swedish Power Pop 60 beat
WICKED MINDS “Return to Uranus” LP W-DABLIU 2006 Euro 50 
Psychedelic from Italy
WIDE SCOPE “Alive” CD ROCKWERRK 1998 Euro 10 
Ethno Psychedelic Trip from Germany 
WIGGLUN HIPS “Oh Lord !” 10″ KEN ROCK 1998 Euro 15 
Punk from Sweden
WIGS “Six O’Clock Shuffle” 12″ MEDIA BURN € 1986 Euro 14
UK Garage
WIGS “The End Of The Obvious” MLP MEDIA BURN 1985 Euro 15 UK Garage
WILDEBEESTS “Go Wilde In The Countrye” LP SFTRI Euro 25 (UK Garage LO-FI Punk) 
WILDEBEESTS “Annie Get Your Gnu” LP SCREAMING APPLE 2006  Euro 25 (UK Garage LO-FI Punk) 
WILDEBEESTS “The Gnus Of Gnavarone” LP DIRTY WATER  2009  Euro 25 (UK Garage LO-FI Punk) 
WILD ONZ “Scum Of The Nation”LP GHOUL Euro 15 
Punk Hardcore from ? 
Punk from Italy
US Punk Rock 
WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER “You Got A Hard Time Coming” 7″ STANTON PARK 1988 Euro 6
US Punk Rock  
WILL-O-THE WISP “A Gift For Your Dreams” CD WOW 2007 Euro 25
Hard cover book edition Prog Psych from Greece 
WILL-O-THE WISP “Ceremony Of Innocence” CD WOW 2004 Euro 50
LTD Triple fold-out Psych from Greece
WILL-O-THE WISP “Same” CD ACTION 2002 Euro 30 
Psych from Greece
WILMER X “Blod Eller Guld” 7″ MNW 1983 Euro 4 (M–/M)
Sweden Alternative Rock
WILMER X “Vem Är Den Flickan” 7″ MNW 1983 Euro 4 
Sweden Alternative Rock (Never on Cover M-/M
WILMER X “Kör Dej Död” 7″ MNW 1984 Euro 4 (M/M)
Sweden Alternative Rock
WILMER X “Hong Kong Pop” 7″ MNW 1985 Euro 4 (M/M)
Sweden Alternative Rock 
WILMER X “Kör Dej Död” 7″ MNW 1984 Euro 4 (M/M)
Sweden Alternative Rock 
UK Psychedelic Pop/Rock band that released some 7″ in the 1960s.(M-/M)
WIMPS “Rollin’ On” LP INCOGNITO 1998 Euro 15 
Dutch punk rock band from Heeswijk-Dinther
WIMPS “Wimps Fuck Off!” 7″ PRIVATE 1996 Euro 5                    Punk Rock from Holland
WIMPS “The Broad Side Of The Wimps” 7″ KOGAR 1998 Euro 5      Punk Rock from Holland

US Psych Alternative Rock

WINDOPANE “Lucky Catatonia” LP OPEN 1995 Euro 25
US Psych Alternative Rock

WINDOWPAYNES “Off The Deep End” 7″ DIG! 1995 Euro 5 Garage Psychedelic from US

WINDOWPAYNES “Lost Friend – Banzai Pipedream” 7″ GET HIP 1996 Euro 5  –  Garage Psychedelic from US

WITCHDOKTORS “Brain Machine” LP ONE LOUDER 1996 Euro 23 (UK Garage)

WITCHES “On Parade” LP FALL OF ROME 2002 Euro 15
US Detroit Psych Fuzz Pop 
WITTHUSER & WESTRUPP “Der Jesuspilz – Musik Vom Evangelium” LP OHR TODAY-PILZ 1971 Euro 20 (Reissue of Folk Krautrock, Psychedelic album)
WIZARDS FROM KANSAS “Pig Newton & The….:Still In Kansas” LP ROCKADELIC 2003 Euro 40
US ’70 Psychedelic Prog
US Psychedelic Prog  Reissue
UK Indie Psychedelic band from Brighton, UK
WOGGLES “Fractured” LP TELSTAR 2000 Euro 20 
US Garage 
WOGGLES “Ragged But Right” LP TELSTAR 2003 Euro 20
US Garage
WOGGLES “Tempo Tantrum“ LP WICKED COOL 2009 Euro 18 Garage USA
WOGGLES “Third Rail” 7” LANCE ROCK 1992 Euro 6
US Garage Punk 
WOGGLES “Do Just What I Say” 7” TELSTAR 1995 Euro 5
US Garage Punk 
WOGGLES “Wogglemobile!“ 7” MAX PICOU 2000 Euro 6
US Garage Punk 
WOGGLES “Rock“ 7” CHICKEN RANCH 2004 Euro 8
US Garage Punk 
US ’60 Garage Rhythm & Blues 
WOOLLY BANDITS “Say Hello To My Little Friend” LP DIONYSUS 2005 Euro 16
US Garage 
WOMBATS “Zontar Must Die!” LP VOXX 1984 Euro 20 
US Punk Garage 
WOMBELS “Aber Angelika!?” 7″ INCOGNITO 1989 Euro 10
Punk from Germany
WONKY MONKEES “Wonk’ Monk’ Boogie” 7” MAD DRIVE 1998 Euro 5
Punk dalla Francia 

WONTONS “Extra Spicy” 7″ PEEK-A-BOO 1999 Euro 6
Garage Rock Punk from US

WONTONS “Snake Eyes” 7″ SHE’S GONE 2000 Euro 5
Garage Rock Punk from US
WONTONS “Let’s Wok!” 7” SCREAMING APPLE 1999 Euro 5 
Garage Rock Punk from US
WOODEN TIT “Sex Beat” 7″ HATE 2007 Euro 5                            Punk from US 
WOODS “Ram” 7″ GILGONGO 2006 Euro 5
US  Folk Rock, Noise, Experimental
WOODY PEAKERS “Beat Solution” CD SCREAMING APPLE Euro 14 Garage Punk from Italy. Complete works 
WOOFER “Courier” 7″ DECREPIT 1992 Euro 8
US Noise,Blues,Punk  
WOOFING COOKIES “Horse Gum Tortilla Shoes” LP MIDNIGHT 1986 Euro 15
US Garage 
WOOFING COOKIES “In The City” 7″ MIDNIGHT 1986 Euro 5
US Garage 
WOOFING COOKIES “Such A Mistake” 7″ CHELSEA ROOF Euro 15 US Garage Power Pop 
WORKDOGS “Funny $” 7″ KING DOG BISCUIT 1986 Euro 10 Blues Punk Garage from US (Vg/M-)
WORKDOGS “A Tribute To Sonny Boy Williamson” 7″ SFTRI 1994 Euro 5 Blues Punk Garage from US 
WORLD “Come The Glorious Day” 7″ WORLD 1992 Euro 6
UK Mod M/M
WORLD OF DISTORTION “All The Volume… Twice The Distortion!” LP VOXX 1987 Euro 20 
US Garage Psych 
US Garage Psych 
WORTHLESS ” I’m Still Having Fun” 7″ TAANG! 1994 Euro 5       Punk Rock band from San Diego, California
US Folk Psych
WRECKLESS ERIC “Whole Wide World” 7″ STIFF 1978 Euro 2    Rock Punk from UK (Vg-/Vg- Adesivi sulla cover)

WRECKLESS ERIC “Christmas” 7″ KELT 1990 190 Euro 7            Rock Punk from UK 

WRECKS “Demon Trip” 7″ URANUS 1999 Euro 6
Swedish Garage Punk’n’Roll 
WRECKS “Gimme Hell” 7″ ZORCH 1999 Euro 6
Swedish Garage Punk’n’Roll 
WRENCH “Oscillator Blues” LP BEARD OF STARS 2001 Euro 15 Stoner from Australia 
WRETCHED “Libero Di Vivere / Libero Di Morire” CD SKATE OR DIE Euro 13                                                                                (Discografia 1982-84 + Live Hardcore-Punk band from Milano, Italy)
WYLDE MAMMOTHS “Go Baby Go!!” LP CRYPT 1987 Euro 70 (M/M)
Garage Punk from Sweden
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X “White Girl” 7″ SLASH 1980 Euro 10
US ’77 Kbd Punk No Cover M-  
X “White Girl” 7″ SLASH 1980 Euro 30 
US ’77 Kbd Punk Ex/M- 
X-MEN “Lillies For My Pussy” MLP MEDIA BURN 1986 Euro 20
UK Garage
X-RAY MEN/BOOGIE PUNKERS Split 10″ EL BEASTO Euro 11 Garage Punk from Spain
X-RAYS “Snake River Leap” 7″ SONIC SWIRL 1998 Euro 7
UK Punk Garage 
X-RAYS “Whores Are Cool” 7″ SADDLE TRAMP 1998 Euro 7
UK Punk-Garage 
X-RAYS “Crawling Back To Vegas” 7” SAVAGE 1998 Euro 7 
UK Punk-Garage 
X-RAYS “Grown Up Drunk” 7” KEN ROCK Euro 5
UK Punk-Garage
X-RAYS “Erotic Neurotic” 7” DIG THE FUZZ Euro 5
UK Punk-Garage
X-RAYS “Drunk Punks Out Having…” 7” BLUE SILVER 1998 Euro 30
(UK Punk-Garage LTD/100)
XTRAVERTS “So Much Hate” LP BIN LINER 1997 Euro 25 
UK Punk ‘77 Discografia Completa
YA HO WHA 13 “The Spirit of ’76” DVD EWORDFISH Euro 12
’60 US Psych 
YA HO WHA 13 “Yodship” LP PRIVATE PRESSING 197? Euro 30
(US ’70 Psychedelic)
YA HO WHA 13 “Savage Sons Of Ya Ho Wa” LP HIGHER KEY 1974 Euro 40 (Reissue US ’70 Psychedelic)
YANKS “Tell me no Lies” LP LOLITA 1984 Euro 18  
YARD TRAUMA “Takes Off….” MLP ROMILAR-D 1989 Euro 15
US Garage Punk
YARD TRAUMA “Face To Face” LP DIONYSUS 1988 Euro 25
US Garage Punk
YARD TRAUMA “Lose Your Head” LP GIFT OF LIFE 1991 Euro 22 US Garage Punk 
US Garage Punk
YARDBIRDS “…Where The Action Is!” DCD NEW MILLENNIUM Euro 12  (UK Garage Beat M-/M- + bonus Tracks) 
YARDBIRDS “Reflection – Early Yardbirds” LP FONTANA 197? Euro 20 
UK Beat  
YARDBIRDS “Five Live” LP COLUMBIA 1964 Euro 40
2° UK pressing M-/M-  
YARDBIRDS “Five Live” LP GET BACK Euro 18 
UK Garage beat
YARDBIRDS “For Your Love,& Others” CD SUNSPOTS Euro 14 Reissue + bonus LTD/DigiPack
YARDBIRDS “For Your Love,& Others” LP GET BACK Euro 20 Reissue + bonus
YARDBIRDS “Greatest Hits” LP EPIC 1967 Euro 20 
Original US pressing VG/VG– 
YARDBIRDS “Having A Rave Up With The…” LP EPIC 1965 Euro 15 US Original Pressing VG-/VG—  
YARDBIRDS “Having a Rave Up With The…” LP GET BACK Euro 18 Reissue + bonus
YARDBIRDS “Little Games” LP CAPITOL 1967 Euro 60 
Original Canada Pressing M-/M hole in the cover
YARDBIRDS “Live ’64” LP GET BACK Euro 20 
YARDBIRDS “Live 1964-1966” LP CHARLY Euro 13
Piccolo graffio sulla cover/M
YARDBIRDS “Odds and Sods” LP CHARLY 1984 Euro 15
’60 Inediti  
YARDBIRDS “Over Under Side…” LP EPIC 1966 Euro 100 Original US pressing M-/M 
YARDBIRDS “Over Under Side…” LP EPIC 1966 Euro 16
Original US pressing VG-/VG– 
UK Beat. Antologia con i brani migliori dei ‘ 60   
YARDBIRDS “The First Recordings” LP CHARLY 1984 Euro 15  Reissue ’60 album 
YARDBIRDS “Five Live” CD P.L.C. Euro 13
+ i primi 3 7” 
YARDBIRDS” Shapes Of Things” BOX 7x LP CHARLY Euro 85 Discografia completa
YARDMAN “Another Blue One” 7’ DAMAGED GOOD 1993 Euro
UK Punk