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MIRRORS "Gosth In The Fog" - LP LTD/300 € 20 Info
The history of the Mirrors is one of a shooting star, a meteor coming to life as The effervescent Elephants, later labelled "God’s lunatics" and than back into the effervescent Elephants for a brief time, only to expire and dissolve when they released a CD album - which is presented here in vinyl copy - palyed whit the Mirrors in 1993. The uninterrupted pattern of the three bands is clear-cut, even with some abysmal discrepancies. Notably the group started their artistic and philosophical pathway in 1989, a course which was marked by upsets and success, elation and distress cheers and empty venues, as it often seems to be the destiny of most undergrounds artists.This is the Mirrors meteor, the span of life of a group who praised art and poetry, and celebrated that thin metaphysical thread that encompassed a slice of Italy for just a sudden twinkling of an eye.

A Song Fragment Of The: The Bells

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