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THE EFFERVESCENT ELEPHANTS "16 Pages" LP LTD/1000 € 15 LTD/57 Diff. w./Poster € 26
In 1989 the album was previously published on private tape. It’s a real acid psychedelic masterpiece together with influence sweeping from Syd Barrett to R. Gallagher to Nino Rota (made appropriately lysergic). Sleeve in pure ‘60 style.
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FOLLI DI DIO "Same" LP LTD/500 SOLD OUT - LP LTD/47 Diff. € 30
Vinil edition from Mellow Records CD. - 15 pieces magisterially composed by Lodovico Ellena and Conrad Giolito : acoustic psychedelic mixed with refined progressive atmospheres of early 70’s. Irony, misticism, strange and maybe unrepeatable cocktail. Sleeve in pure US ‘60 style.
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THE OTHERS “Dreams (the wody pad’recordings)” LP SOLD OUT - LTD/53 Diff. € 26 – Promo € 15
Third album for the mythical Roma garage band, 14 cover (Satan, 4th Amendament, The Young Monkey Men, etc.) pure New England style. Folk Punk performed, a rigorous LO-FI sound, rough Garage for a current 1966 that doesn’t wane. Sleeve in pure 60’s style.
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ASTRAL WEEKS “A Yellow Dawn” LP LTD/500 € 15
Was founded in 1996, their music has been defined an original blending of psycho-raga-blues and if compared to their mainly acoustic debut , has become more and more electric over the years. The group is formed by two ex Effervescent Elephants and the others are veteran bass-player Mauro Coda and young guitarist Max Mussetti. 180 gr.vinyl pressing, heavy quality sleeves.
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TRIP HILL "Takes From Oblivion" DLP LTD/500 € 30
The genius creativity of Fabrizio Cecchi embody in the Trip Hill project that has reached with "Takes from oblivion" its second work. The album has its roots in the American psychedelic music’68 and looses itself trough space-temporal expansion, lysergic temptations, acustic distorsions and sounding hallucinations that make "Takes From Oblivion" an absolute masterpiece of psychedelic.
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LODOVICO ELLENA "Canto Psichedelico" CD LTD/500 € 13 LP LTD/300 € 20
Now, he show us a refined dissertation on acoustic psychedelic in style the early 70's, inspired by to Claudio Rocchi he show us in particularly the cover "La realtà non esiste" of the Milan musician. His album will be loved especially from everyone has already loved Folli di Dio which is, from some points of view, the coherent esthetic-expressive development.
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LODOVICO ELLENA “Good Morning Mr. Barrett” LP LTD/300 € 20
This album comes from a spiritual insight and nothing else. There are no grand solos, no great arrangement, no special effects, is an album made ??of sobriety and silence; it was meant to be just a tribute to an artist and to his poetry. Barrett is a genius and this LP shouts it to the world. He does it in a whisper by undersizing his nature in a way that well portrays the former leader of Effervescent Elephants.
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MIRRORS "Gosth In The Fog" LP LTD/300 € 20
The history of Mirrors is that of a shooting star, a meteor that comes to life by Effervescent Elephants, only to expire and dissolve when they released first CD in 1993. The group started their artistic pathway in 1989, a course which was marked by upsets and success, elation and distress cheers and empty venues. The Mirrors celebrated the art and poetry. Is the story of the best Italian underground.
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Here it is at long last! The vinyl reprint of one of the rarest Italian psychedelic records. It’s contaminated by progressive and a valuable classical bent trough the Mino Di Martino’s keybords (ex Giganti and ex Telaio Magnetico) and the great voice of Terra Di Benedetto (ex Telaio Magnetico). It’s a piece af 70’s Italia history against nuclear power.
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THE UNHEARD OF “Revoxination” LP LTD/500 € 15
You already know them for the double single published by Psych Out Records (White love"). It’s the best garage punk played in Wisconsins. They paly it and...thet’s all. 180 gr.vinyl, heavy quality sleeves.
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You already know them too for a single published by Psych Out records ("Inter-stellar Baby"). Anyway, it’s time to hear the mand to make a present to your mind: it’s waiting for a fly, expanded by the proud psychedelic music of the German band. 180 gr. vinyl, heavy quality sleeves.
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THE HUNCHMEN "A Bunch Of Hunches" LP LTD/500 € 15
Garage Punk Beat from Bari, South Italy, pure 1966 sound. Great retro Garage Punk with acid attitude most in the vein of Sixties U.S. punk bands in the likes of Shadows Of Knights, Chocolate Watch Band and similar. Limited Edition 500 copies hand-numbered on 180 gr. vinyl with heavy cardboard sleeve!
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LOOKING GLASS ALICE "A Gentle Gift For Your Love" LP LTD/300 € 20
High voltage psychedelic sound, corrosive underground, but at same time with powerful linear and attractive melodious lines. The first side hosts the reprint of the now untraceable first official CD of the '94 (Vacation House Records ); the second side contains some studio and live unpublished tunes, chosen between a lot of recordings some of them coming from compilation.
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PURPLE MERKINS “Merkinmania” LP LTD/500 SOLD OUT - LP LTD/50 Diff. € 30
Using the same line up from The Marshmallow Overcoat, Timothy Gassen formed The Purple Merkins from the violent sound, In true style ‘ 60 Garage Punk. Merkinmania! LP collected all of these out-of-print tracks, and added another half-dozen unreleased songs. All were recorded in lo-tech "360 degree Garagadelic Stereo".Real cool covers of legendary 60's Garage Punk mixed with some originals.
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I BIT-NIK "Same" LP Edition Of 300 € 30
Re-issue of all of 7"s of this fab 60’s italian garage beat band plus various unreleased stuff. A very important step in the legendary history of Italian beat. A full immersion in this golden age of European R’n’R. Don’t miss it! Sleeve in pure cardboard 60’s style. Very LTD edition of 300 copies. 180gr. heavy vinyl.
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FANTASY FACTORYY "Ode To Life" LP LTD/300 € 20
At last the Italian version of the Fantasy Factory’s first record is available! It’s the unquestionable masterpiece of psychedelic music in every time. The space/time expansion for mental fluencies going on possible futures, only searching for the past they are coming from: the original One and its cosmic vibrations. Now we know: another trance it’s possible and the F.F. are the priest of this experience.
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MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT "Fuzz, Screams & Tambourines!" LP LTD/300 € 20
Everybody knows that live music is a singular experience and this record is the indisputable demonstration. Were at the beginning of 90thand M.O. are again on the road, on stages in all over the world spitting, blood and sweat, because this is garage punk! Magic & fired nights, with an alcohol and tobacco, nights inflamed of pure energy. This is the Punk, boys and girls!
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IL CERCHIO D'ORO "La Quadratura del Cerchio" LP LTD/300 € 20 - LP LTD/16 Textured € 25
Mid-seventies recordings in this album performed by Il Cerchio d'Oro, an italian group from Savona. Only 3 singles were issued at the time and a postumous CD published by Mellow in 1999. This LP, released with heavy quality sleeves and virgin vinyl pressing, contains some originals of the first period and some covers (Le Orme).A fragment of Italian prog subtracted oblivion of time.
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TRIP HILL "Yesterday Sun Of Tomorrow" LP LTD/500 € 20 - LP LTD/17 Textured € 30
New release by Fabrizio Cecchi's project. Side one features fine acoustic psychedelic, mantra-esque folk songs interspersed with ambient soundscapee . Side two features extended, all instrumental lysergic space/psych rock pieces. Between minimalism compositional and lysergic tensions, the album constitutes a gem of psychedelia that does the classics of psychedelia its points of reference and its expressive digit.
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MANDRA GORA LIGHTSHOW SOCIETY "More Tales From" LP LTD/500 € 20 - LTD/15 Textured € 25 -LTD/6 Tex +Poster SOLD OUT
The MLS are one of the best bands of the scene neo psychedelic of world. Band from Hannover, propose a blend of space rock and acid psych. The MLS are formed on the synthesis of different influences expressive that seem to bring a new Swingin 'London of the third millennium, but well planted among the psychedelic sound late '60 's and early 70's. The album features songs in the studio and live tracks recorded and avails the contribution of Nik Turner (ex Hawkwind).
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THE Use of Ashes

THE USE OF ASHES "Firetree" DLP LTD / 300 € 30
The Use Of Ashes are from The Netherlands. Far away from modern life, Van Vliet builded his own universe in words, tunes and sounds. The album's dense mixture of folk, electronics,psychedelic, krautrock and ambient was finally released on CD by Mellow records in 1996, and on vinyl by ToneFloat in 1998 (DLP/100). A decade later, the album is available again on vinyl, with a full album side of unreleased recordings from the early 90s.
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THE FRACTAL MOB "Presenting The World of Fractal Mob" LP LTD / 300 € 25
This album was previously published on private tape from Rinfresko Elettriko, in very few copies. Fractal Mob are: Fabrizio Cecchi and Piero Papini. They wrote all tracks and played all instruments:drums, noise generator, sitar, filter, tape loops, moog and more analog synth. Musicinfluences: Silver Apple,Cluster,Cosmic Jockers for a psychedelic-electronic mantra that will send you into a trance.
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THE EFFERVESCENT ELEPHANTS  From the end to the beginning

THE EFFERVESCENT ELEPHANTS " From The End To The Beginning" CD digipack edition of 500 € 10
This cd includes songs from the most significant tapes of the band recorded from 1990 back to the 80’s .It’s about recordings that were created in a garage and they suffered from the damage of time. There are even some tracks which were lost in the band’s archives but that confirm the Effervescent Elephants as one of the best groups of Italian neo psychedelia.
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Visionary storytellers and psychedelic messenger, Claudio Rocchi, true icon and indisputable point of reference of the Italian counterculture, meets the Effervescent Elephants; natural convergence between a musician and a group of a thousand affinity and complicity. The result is surprising: a psychedelic charm and a magic visionary who felt for decades.
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THE EFFERVESCENT ELEPHANTS " From The End To The Beginning" LP LTD/300 € 25
This LP includes songs from the most significant tapes of the band recorded from 1990 back to the 80’s .It’s about recordings that were created in a garage and they suffered from the damage of time. There are even some tracks which were lost in the band’s archives but that confirm the Effervescent Elephants as one of the best groups of Italian neo psychedelia.
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NO STRANGE "Cristalli Sognanti" LP LTD/500 + Poster € 25 - LP LTD/37+ poster + serigrafia by Ursus € 35
No Strange is an Italian psychedelic band .It was born in Turin in 1980 and was created by S. D'Urso and A. Ezzu. No Strange benchmarks included the first Pink Floyd, Brainticket, Soft Machine, and the best groups of Cosmic krautrock, with whom they shared the same sensitivity. Cristalli Sognanti is a singular and intensive work in which the caleidoscope embroidery between music and lyrics achieves very poetic and lyrical moments.
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Alberto Ezzu

Since 1970s Ezzu has been following the dream of his own generation to "expand the borders of the mind». The track create a modal frame in which the solo singers weave delicate sound textures like slow spirals of incense smoke fading in the air. The sound is both avant-garde and ancient, primeval as if generated by the early wave motion of the Big Bang. A record out of time, really psychedelic.
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CLAUDIO ROCCHI Concerti 1973/4/5

CLAUDIO ROCCHI "Concerti 1973/4/5" DLP LTD/500 € 32
The live album perhaps embraces the most creative period of our psychedelic 'messenger'; Claudio gave a strong contribution to the Italian underground musical scene. The tracks are early '70s ,and 8 of them are unpublished. Listening to the album, you can smell the scent, and you can see the colours and the atmosphere of the magic and creative Italian 70's.Good listening and good curvature of time!
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This is a work of 1976 that would have come out on Cramps Rec.,but sank into the oblivion for 36 years. It has good a psychedelic attitude in electronic expressive form. "Mirage" recalls the work of Battiato ,Telaio Magnetico ,etc. reaches the same quality level . It's a missing page but It's the found page of the 70's Italian underground scene.The DVD contains Rocchi's performance at the "Out Off" of Milan on April ‘77.
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VARIOUS "Welcome Back To The Eighties Colours" CD Edition of 500 € 15 (Spese postali incluse)
The return of the neo-Sixties Italian scene! A quarter of century after the release of the two volumes of "Eighties Colours" compilation that spotlighted the Italian underground garage, beat and psychedelic scene, 19 bands of that creative period are back to cover songs of other bands of the same season in a kind of cross-tribute. The "Eighties Colours" continue to explode!
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I fenomeni

I FENOMENI "Un Vuoto Appeso" LP LTD/300 + Poster € 26
Is the debut album from the Italian psych beat band I Fenomeni. Rooted in sounds and melodies from the late ‘60s Italian pre-progressive bands, the album authenticity sets the band aside from tons of neo-sixties acts emerged through the recent years. the record consists of almost entirely original tracks, which remind of a time long passed and still surprise for their originality. This LP mixture garage, psychedelic and heavy: Try It!
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AKTUALA "Aktuala" LP Edition of 500 € 32
Aktuala, and a few other bands, were the ones that distinguished themselves from many other Italian bands of the 70s when they tried to blend and mix up both Eastern and African ethno-musical traditions with the Western one. While many bands reproduced Anglo American models, the Aktuala were the first that tried to contaminate different backgrounds and cultures 30 years before the current "melting pot" musical.Thanks to Aktuala we began to know cultures, music and instruments never known and heard in Italy. The Aktuala bring us to a spicy and coloured trip with sitars, African drums, perfumes and alternative cultural atmospheres. It's pure psychedelia and expansion of the mind . The essential band of the underground and psychedelic scene of the early 70s in Italy,now available in LP.
AKTUALA "La Terra" LP edition of 500 € 32
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GIANNI MAROCCOLO con CLAUDIO ROCCHI "vdb23/nulla è andato perso" LP+7” LTD/1000 € 30
L’incontro che non ti aspetti non solo si realizza ma, ti spiazza per l’ineffabile intensità visionaria e per la luce e i colori che riesce ad accendere. Claudio Rocchi,cioè la visionarietà psichedelica degli anni 70 e Gianni Maroccolo,prestigioso bassista dei Litfiba,CCCP,CSI e tante altre cosa ancora si incontrano sul terreno della pura magia e dei linguaggi oracolari che solo le musiche del secondo insieme ai testi,suggestivi e sciamanici,del primo riescono a dare. In questo lavoro si incontrano e magistralmente si fondono, oltre 20 anni di esperienze musicali e culturali,artistiche,magiche e religiose,oltre che personali. Una pluralità di linguaggi espressivi che trovano però,nel verbo visionario e psichedelico, la loro comune cifra espressiva.


NO STRANGE "Armonia Vivente Tra Analogie e Contrasti” DLP LTD/300 € 30 – LTD/30 € 50 (Copertina cartonata + poster)
No strange are back on the road of the dreamlike psychedelia, a walk long 30 years. The new opera recorded is called Armonia Vivente it is concepted like a natural sequel of the previous Cristalli Sognanti; the sound since the first impact don't deserve the expectations: the world described by No Strange is always liquid, cosmic, lysergic; the 16 tracks (two recorded live) are a trip out of time, which is referred to the big indo-european tradition and the avant-garde and experimental, connected to the most acid folk and popular melodies.

STEEPLEJACK "Dream Market Radio"

STEEPLEJACK "Dream Market Radio" DLP + CD LTD/400 € 25 (coproduzione con Area Pirata e Rock Bottom)
Dream Market Radio" racchiude in sé la materia dei sogni. 15 canzoni divise in quattro "capitoli" per un viaggio nell'universo interiore di Maurizio Curadi, da sempre deus ex machina del progetto, Alessandro Tellini ed Elio Gavarini. Sempre in bilico fra struttura e astrazione, i brani di Curadi si prestano all'improvvisazione collettiva per creare una sorta di psichedelia totale dove sperimentazione e tradizione si fondono e diventano una cosa sola. "Dream Market Radio" è un meraviglioso disco psichedelico ove l'aggettivo psichedelico si riferisce a uno spazio mentale in cui far fluttuare liberamente immagini e sensazioni. Perché, tra il velluto e gli spigoli, tra ritmi ora ipnotici ora volutamente sostenuti, prendono forma visioni di praterie e tramonti, figure arcane e misteriose e si è trasportati in atmosfere sognanti e bucoliche. Una magia che si realizza attraverso la "strana" commistione di rock lisergico, blues primitivo, folk acido e musica etnica, distillati in 13 originali, una cover irriconoscibile di Captain Beefheart ("Kandy Korn") e un traditional ("Gallows Pole") opportunamente rivisitato per l'occasione.

No Strange - Universi e Trasparenze

NO STRANGE "Universi e Trasparenze" (green or orange sleeve) - 10" LTD/300 € 24 (coproduzione con Area Pirata)
Lasciamo alle parole del gruppo,la presentazione del disco:
"Trent'anni fa usciva il nostro primo LP: cominciava il viaggio discografico dei NO STRANGE post-No-Strani e post auto-produzioni su cassetta, grazie anche alla Toast rec. che proprio in quell'occasione nasceva ufficialmente. In questo vinile formato 10 pollici (una misura che ancora mancava alla nostra vasta produzione) abbiamo deciso una "commemorazione" particolare, in quanto per la prima volta affrontiamo brani scritti da altri autori, ma non si tratta di semplici "cover" (assolutamente NO !)... bensì di interpretazioni personali di alcuni pezzi, indicativi per sottolineare le nostre radici STORICHE. Brani musicali di autori che hanno formato le nostre scelte, fin dai tempi più remoti, risalenti al periodo più intenso della nostra esistenza, tracciata materialmente a cavallo tra gli anni 60 e 70... anime lontane, ma sempre a noi vicine, colorate di sogni. Anime psichedeliche, in contemplazione di se stesse... per la vita."

Sick Rose

SICK ROSE "Raw & Alive '86" LP LTD/300 € 26
Finally is out on Psych-Out records a live album from the most important italian garage band ever, the Sick Rose! Captured in concert in various venues during 1986 when they were delivering their best raw garage punk with psychedelic influences in the vein of Blues Magoos, Shadows of Knight, Pretty Things etc.! Need we say more fiends? With select tracks from the band's first LP "Faces" and some unreleased covers, this release is an audio Molotov cocktail, catapulting you front row center into a jam-packed house of Fuzz!
LTD edition of 500 copies hand numbered. 180gr. heavy vinyl


Ludovico Ellena is the art director of Sinfonia Psichedelica, a project involving the best musicians of the Italian panorama of psychedelic music, such as Jenny Sorrenti (Saint Just), Alberto Ezzu (No Strange) Fabrizio Cecchi (Trip Hill),Gigi Barbreis (Desperados),Sergio Monti (Effervescent Elephants),Mauro Coda (Astral Weeks), Aldo Casciano (Effervescent Elephants),etc. The tracks of the records are characterised by stylistic homogeneity and coherence, other than the perfect structuring, creating - let me say - a real masterpiece in the neo-psychedelic music of the third millennium. It possesses an emotional, expressive and musical intensity never heard before thanks the prodigious encounter of creativity and different sensitivity of several artists. The record is a perfect summary of western psychedelic culture and eastern suggestion, through astral travels and acid hallucinations, between the past and the future, amongst Space-Time distortions and visionary trance. The psychedelic trip performed by this record meets the intense and very inspired voice of Jenny Sorrenti perfectly connected with the Indian raga by Pandi Hariprasad Chaurasia and the technical and expressive competence of Aldo Mella. In the same manner, the match between the acid guitar of Ludovico Ellena and the visionary one of Fabrizio Cecchi is absolutely magic, because of their talent to explore mystical, abysmal depths. It's just a visionary experience that only the music can give you. You have to listen to it... It's a pure psychedelic masterwork, marvellously out of time.

Il Sentiero delle Tartarughe

NO STRANGE "Il Sentiero delle Tartarughe" LTD/300 + CD (contenente in versione digitale sia l’LP che il loro recente libro ‘No Strange e Sogni Correlati') + Download card € 22
Two years ago the Band from Turin celebreted the 30th anniversary of their first record, a 10'' " Universi e Trasparenze'". Now it's time for a No Strange new record, a work showing how their creative juices is more lush than ever. it's a record looking at the future, at the psychedelic music of the third millennium. At the same time it's firmly anchored at the past, at their aesthetic and creative identity that has been created throughout more than 30 years. The production is a vinyl record. You will find also a CD enclosed together with their new book "NO Strange e Sogni Correlati” in digital format, plus the download card. It's another precious jewel by Psych-out Records in co-production with our friends, Area Pirata Records.


Attivi dal 2010, I Fenomeni si dedicano alla relativamente ampia e meno conosciuta gamma dei suoni italiani di metà-fine anni '60, ispirandosi a gruppi come le Ombre D'Oro, i Black Angels, gli Uh!, i Phantom's, i New Trolls, i Pooh , ecc. Col tempo, il gruppo ha sviluppato una propria vena compositiva in linea con l’evoluzione delle prime band psichedeliche in Italia, spostandosi verso suoni proto-prog nel corso dei vari LP prodotti. Nel nuovo lavoro, per riflettere il vero spirito delle band della fine degli anni '60 e dei primi ’70, il gruppo ha optato per una line-up flessibile e collettiva nominata Fenomeni Atmosferici, composta da un “nucleo” fisso e altri membri semi-permanenti che si uniscono nel disco e nelle esibizioni dal vivo. Il terzo e ultimo LP, prodotto dalla storica Psych Out Records, rispecchia la passione per autori essenziali del suono italiano come i primi lavori di Rocchi, Sorrenti e Barbaja, ma anche ammicca a sonorità ala Aktuala e in generale al folk psych europeo, con una particolare predilezione per il freak psych olandese (Boudewijn De Groot per indicare un riferimento).

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